Who is Danny Wood's wife

Tiger Woods struggles with sadness

Tiger Woods (34) is apparently suffering from the divorce in a similar way to his wife. "It's a sad time in our lives," said the golf superstar after a report in the Los Angeles Times on Wednesday evening in Paramus, New Jersey. The playoffs for the FedEx Cup, the highest-paid sporting event in the world, should begin there on Thursday. "Marrying just doesn't imagine their marriage will fail," said Woods.

"Many errors"
Woods cleverly avoided the question of whether he still loved his ex-wife. "We are now thinking above all about how we can rebuild our lives and how we can help our children as best we can," said the athlete after his divorce this week. "I certainly made the decision (to break up) through my actions," said Woods. "I have made a lot of mistakes and have to live with them."

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