How to become a Formula 1 engineer

Jobs in Formula 1

Along with an astronaut or soccer player, becoming a racing driver is probably the dream of many children. Even at an early age, people think about how to become a Formula 1 driver? For many young people, however, the dream of a Formula 1 driver bursts very early. Only the absolute elite can later drive the fastest cars in the world. However, the entire Formula 1 circus is a global business enterprise in that there are many opportunities to still fulfill your dream of a job in Formula 1. We took a look at what is possible in this article.

Is technology your passion?

Especially for people who are technically gifted, there is room in Formula 1. Racing teams like F1 Team McLaren have repeatedly advertised technical positions on their job portal, such as a so-called model maker. In this job you have the task of developing, for example, aerodynamic models that can be used for the F1 cars.

For example, while McLaren does not specify deadlines for jobs, it works a little differently at Red Bull Racing. The F1 team advertises all vacancies that are available. A Formula 1 dream job is also regularly advertised: racing engineer! What do you have to be able to do for it? According to Red Bull, if possible, you should have already held a comparable position, have at least a master’s degree in a qualifying subject such as mechanical engineering and be absolutely resilient.

Are you a computer genius?

Another way to get into Formula 1 is via software. In 2017, computer-controlled systems have become an integral part of the premier class of racing. Several racing teams are looking for graduates of a computer science degree who only have programming knowledge in various programming languages, as well as good written and spoken English. By far the highest number of job vacancies can be found in the area of ​​programming. Almost all F1 teams are also looking for statisticians who are well versed in data analysis.

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Larger companies are increasingly relying on their own communication departments. This discipline is essential, especially in Formula 1, where you have to get in touch with suppliers, management and the driver crew. It should also not be forgotten that Formula 1 teams and drivers are global brands whose reputation and image must be cultivated.

Business Development:

If you enter the term "Business Development" in job portals, you will always find many hits and many different companies that are interested in further development. In Formula 1, the area of ​​key account manager or other management positions within a company in the area of ​​business development is also often assigned.


Of the Formula 1 design, the classic fan will only notice changes in the F1 car, the racing suits or the drivers' helmets. However, F1 teams such as Ferrari or Toro Rosso employ entire departments that take care of the design of advertisements or the online presence of the respective racing team.


A very large part of the Formula 1 jobs can be found in the field of gastronomy. Do & Co. has been an official partner of the F1 circus since 1992. On the website of the international company there are always job offers looking for service personnel and the like for the F1 Grand Prix in Abu Dhabi 2017.

Many areas covered

Every single racing team has advertised some vacancies on their online presence. Due to the fact that the respective teams only want the best minds in the industry and therefore not everyone will get a chance, there is of course the possibility of an unsolicited application. Just as you can apply to a Formula 1 betting provider, for example, it is even expressly requested that you get in touch with the F1 teams. One shouldn't shy away from not viewing Formula 1 like a “normal” company, but rather show courage and convince those responsible of its strengths.