When my brother loves me lyrics

Letter of apology to my brother

I have always admired your honesty and that you always have a smile on your face. Your whole body language is alive and contagious. But I have noticed that I have been taking you for granted for a number of years and refusing to acknowledge your impressive accomplishments and your transition to the worthy man and role you have become.

How did you deal with me I was almost always grumpy towards you and easily lost my temper. Usually those were stupid and trivial things too ... they weren't even problems, just "things". How did you manage to be so forgiving every time?

I admire your big and loving heart.

I am sorry that it was not my place to congratulate you on your hard work and to appreciate the real concern you have for other people. It shouldn't make me feel bad just because we have different personal interests and traits because we're very different, but it is a little bit like that.

I wish I had a personality and behavior that you could relate to better. Those who are able to treat you with the brotherly love I owe you because we are brothers and sisters. Then you would get the attention you deserve.

I haven't tried hard enough. It's pathetic that you gave me so much and got so little in return. There were times when you gave me presents and helped me when I needed it. But when the opportunity came that I did the same and returned the favor to show you my gratitude for your gestures, I behaved selfishly and withdrew.

You hadn't done anything wrong to feel such a cold. This cold got worse over time. My selfish mind was full of imaginary, childish thoughts that made it seem meaningful to be with you like this.

I'm really sorry for neglecting you for so long, my dear, sweet brother.

Continue to be yourself. Everyone who is part of your life is lucky to have you.