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File formats that the Kobo eReader and Kobo Books app support

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Use the list below to see what file types your Kobo eReader and Kobo Books app support.

Support for Kobo eReader & Kobo Desktop App files

  • Books: EPUB, EPUB3 (Note: Kobo Original and Kobo Wi Fi do not support EPUB3), PDF, FlePub and MOBI
  • Documents: PDF
  • images: JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP and TIFF.
  • text: TXT, HTML and RTF
  • Comic books: CBZ and CBR

Kobo Books app support (iOS)

  • EPUB, EPUB3, PDF, FlePub and MOBI
  • Books with audio or video content: ePub3AV

Support for the Kobo Books app (Android)

  • EPUB, EPUB3, FlePub and MOBI
  • Books with audio or video content: ePub3AV


  • EPUB or PDF books with an ACSM file extension are protected by Digital Rights Management (DRM). DRM protects books from unauthorized copying and is widely used by libraries, publishers and booksellers.
  • Your eReader supports Adobe DRM and Social DRM.
  • If you download a book that is protected with Adobe DRM, you must use Adobe Digital Editions to get it onto your eReader. You can read social DRM files without using ADE.
  • ADE is only compatible with Kobo eReaders and will not work with your Kobo app.

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