Using Firefox Scrapbook Sync

Do you need to save a webpage or website so that you can view it offline ? Are you offline for a long time but want to browse your favorite website? If you are using Firefox, there is a Firefox add-on that can solve your problem.

ScrapBook is a great Firefox extension that helps you save web pages and manage them in a very simple way. The really cool thing about this add-on is that it is very light and fast, caches a local copy of a webpage just perfectly, and supports multiple languages. I tested it on multiple websites with lots of graphics and fancy CSS styles and was surprisingly glad that the offline version looked exactly the same as the online version.

You can use ScrapBook for the following purposes:

  • Save a single webpage
  • Save snippets or parts of a single website
  • Save a full website
  • Organize the collection in the same way as bookmarks with folders, sub-folders
  • Full text search and quick filtering of the entire collection
  • Processing of the collected website
  • Text / HTML editing functionality is similar to Opera's Notes

Install ScrapBook

If you are using the latest version of Firefox, which at this point is v33, there are a few settings you will need to adjust in order to use ScrapBook properly. By default, the ScrapBook icon is not displayed anywhere. So the only way to use it is to right click on a webpage. Add the button to your toolbar or menu by right-clicking anywhere on the toolbar and To adjust choose.

On the Customize screen, the ScrapBook icon appears on the left. Go ahead and drag this to either the toolbar at the top or the menu. Then go ahead and click the button Exit Customize .

Before we start using ScrapBook to save a website, you may want to change the settings for the add-on. You can do this by clicking the menu button in the upper right corner (three horizontal lines) and then clicking Add-ons click.

Now click on Extensions and then the button Options next to the ScrapBook add-on.

Here you can change the keyboard shortcuts, the storage location of the data and other minor settings.

Use ScrapBook to download websites

Now, let's get into the details of actually using the program. First, download the website you want to download web pages for. The easiest way to start a download is by you right click anywhere on the page and at the bottom of the menu either " pageto save" or " Save page as" choose. These two options are added by ScrapBook.

Save Page lets you select a folder and then automatically saves only the current page. If you want more options, which I usually do, click the Save Page As option. You will get another dialog in which you can choose from a whole range of options.

The important sections are the Options options, Download linked files and then options for deep storage. By default, ScrapBook downloads images and styles, but you can add JavaScript if a website requires it.

In the "Download Linked Files" section, only linked images are downloaded. However, you can also download sounds, movie files, archive files, or specify the exact file type for the download. This is a very useful option when you are on a website that has a number of links for a specific file type (Word documents, PDFs, etc.) and you want to quickly download all of the related files.

Last but not least, you can You with the Option " Save depth " Download larger parts of a website. By default it is set to 0, which means that it will not follow any links to other pages on the website or any other links. If you select one, the current page and everything linked from that page will be downloaded. The depth of 2 is also downloaded from the current page, the first linked page, and all links from the first linked page.

Click the Save button. A new window will open and the pages will be downloaded. You should get the Break- Press the button and let me tell you why. Simply running ScrapBook will download everything from the site, including any content in the source code that may be linked to a number of other websites or advertising networks. As you can see in the image above, outside of the main website ( ads are being downloaded from and something from

Would you like the ads to appear on the site while you browse them offline? This will also waste a lot of time and bandwidth, so it's best to hit pause and then hit the button Filter too click.

The two best options are " Restrict to domain " and " Limit to Directory " . Usually these are the same, but they will be different on certain websites. If you know exactly which pages you want, you can even filter on strings and enter your own url. This option is great because it gets rid of all the other junk content and only downloads content from the actual website rather than from social media websites, ad networks, etc.

Go ahead and click begin and the pages will be downloaded. The download time depends on the speed of your internet connection and how much you are downloading from the website. The add-on works great for most websites, and the only problem I've encountered is that on some websites the URLs they use to link to their own content are absolute URLs.

The problem with absolute URLs is that when you open the index page offline in Firefox and try to click one of the links it is trying to load from the actual website rather than the local cache. In these cases you have to manually open the download directory and open the pages. It's a pain and I've only passed it on a handful of pages, but it does. You can view the Downloads folder by clicking the ScrapBook button on the toolbar, then right-clicking the site and selecting Tools - Files Select display.

Sort by in Explorer Type and then scroll down to the files named HTML document. The content pages are usually the default_00x files, not the index_00x files.

If you don't use Firefox and still want to download web pages to your computer, you can also use software called Try WinHTTrack This will automatically download an entire website for later offline browsing. However, WinHTTrack takes up a lot of space, so make sure you have enough free space on your hard drive.

Both programs work well for downloading entire websites or downloading individual websites. In practice, downloading an entire website is almost impossible due to the large number of links generated by CMS software like WordPress etc. If you have any questions, please leave a comment. Enjoy!