Loreal Fibralogy, How To Use

Elvital Fibralogy hair splendor treatment

Today it finally goes on again with a new test! I am happy about the change in my current state of mind and am glad that I can move again for 1-2 hours without pain. It will take some time before I fully recover, but things are looking up and I am totally grateful that my family and friends support me wherever possible.

From the new Fibralogy series from Elvital, I am introducing you to the hair splendor treatment today. There are a total of 4 products from this series: shampoo, conditioner, booster and cure, easy to recognize by the beautiful colors turquoise and pink.

Elvital Fibralogy hair splendor treatment

The hair splendor treatment gives fine hair a splendid appearance Additional care with a double effect. The structuring serum with Filloxane especially strengthens the areas that lack thickness. The ultra-light care gel makes the hair surface shiny and supple without weighing it down.

The Fibralogy series was specially developed for fine hair, so just right for my fluff head. I already wrote you that I not only have very fine hair, but that it is also totally dry. Not a good combination, as highly conditioning products often weigh down my hair.

Filloxane, a structuring agent, is able to penetrate the hair fiber in order to enrich the hair with substance. With each application, new substance remains in the hair without weighing it down or straining it. This creates a long-lasting and increasingly grippy hair feeling.

In the last few weeks I have tried different products for fine hair, but I didn’t really find anything. So I was really excited about this special Elvital cure.

There are two concentrates in the pretty pump bottle, which only combine with each other after they have been removed. I don't want to judge whether this is an advantage.

Application of the hair splendor treatment

It is very easy to use! Simply distribute a few pump strokes in damp or dry hair and work something in, especially in the lengths. For my shoulder-length hair, two pumps are enough to treat all of my hair. You don't have to rinse out this treatment.

The cure feels a bit like a hair oil, so very smooth and also quite thin, but it is not oily or greasy at all. I really like the great scent, but again I can't describe it at all. In any case, I find it very pleasant.

For my test, I only ever used one shampoo so that I could better judge the care performance of the treatment. You have to know that I can hardly comb my hair without a conditioner, that's really exhausting.

So I applied the treatment immediately after washing my hair, then waited a minute and then combed it. My hair immediately feels much softer and more supple and can be combed through wonderfully. I didn't realize I didn't use a conditioner, great! The care properties convinced me straight away.

Unfortunately, I cannot judge very well whether the hair has increased in fullness. They feel good, but whether they have a better grip? Hmm, that's just hard to tell. I like the result and that's why this point is not that important to me. A correct assessment is certainly only possible in combination with the other products of the Fibralogy series.

What I also noticed was that, despite the good care, my hair was not weighed down or looked lank quickly. After using the cure, they are nice and fresh and light, which I have always missed with many other leave-in products. However, you should definitely apply the treatment sparingly, as the concentrate is really very economical. I recommend using it only on damp hair!

The bottle is a small minus point. Even if it looks really nice, I find the short pump dispenser a bit impractical. You have to tip it so that nothing runs down on the bottle and even then the concentrate comes out very slowly.

The L’Oréal Paris Elvital Fibralogy double concentrate, 1 pack (1 x 30 ml) costs 8.95 euros (RRP).

The product was made available to me free of charge and unconditionally.

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