How to improve flexibility for rhythmic gymnastics

Learn gymnastics


To learn gymnastics, first find a local fitness center that offers gymnastics classes for your level. If you don't know your level, talk to the trainer and tell him about your previous athletic experiences that you may have, even if they are not directly related to gymnastics. Even if you haven't had any formal training before, the trainer can rank you higher if you can already do exercises like wheeling or the like. In the meantime, you can increase your strength and flexibility on your own with stretching exercises and strength training, which will prepare you well for your gymnastics classes. In addition, you can think about what kind of gymnastics you want to practice. For example, artistic gymnastics is a good choice if you prefer traditional gymnastics; while rhythmic gymnastics might be right for you if you want to incorporate music and dance into your future workouts. If you want to learn basic gymnastic moves like jumping and bending, read on!

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