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Penis in old age: this is how your best piece changes

You think beer belly, a Swiss cheese as a memory and the legendary hair swap - less hair on the head for more on the back, in the nose and ears - are the only things that you have to endure as you get older? Unfortunately, no. Even your best piece changes with age. And that affects much more than just its stability. Keyword "shrinking". Are you already losing the urge to read on? Wait, after all, there is also what is known as luck in unhappiness. More or less. We explain the 5 things that happen to your penis when you and he age together.

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1. Erection problems over 40 are normal

You already guessed it, right? The normal process is as follows: For an erection, blood (250 ml on average) flows into the penis through 4 arteries within a few seconds. Its erectile tissue soaks up like a sponge. They keep the blood and with it your erection alive.

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But from the age of 45, virtually every man experiences a decline in erectile function, says Dr. med. Wolfgang Bühmann, editor of the professional association of urologists. While this is not something a man likes to hear, let alone admit, it is a natural fact.

root cause: The elasticity of the blood vessels in the penis simply decreases with age. We are biologically only built for 40 years, Bühnemann points out. The cavernous bodies lose tension and can no longer hold the blood as well. The result: the penis takes longer to become stiff. And the erection doesn't last that long either.

Nowadays, men have a life expectancy of 80 years - so it shouldn't come as a surprise that, in addition to wrinkles on your face, you also get erection problems. Comfort yourself: by the age of 40, around every hundredth man is affected. According to the World Health Organization, over 150 million people worldwide are said to suffer from impotence.

After all, it doesn't happen overnight. It's a slow process. However there is Diseaseswho have favourited impotence: Diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease all cause blood flow to the penis to be restricted.

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From around the age of 40, the testosterone level drops by around 1 percent per year

2. The penis shrinks with age

The penis gets shorter and thinner, says Dr. med. Holger Uhthoff from the medical care center for urology and uro-oncology in Speyer. A distinction must be made here, however: there is an actual shortening and an "only" obvious shortening. The actual shortening is the result of the natural aging process in men: this includes gray hair, muscle breakdown and a drop in testosterone levels from the age of 40 to 45, and this by around 1 percent per year.

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As the testosterone level, which is responsible for the desire impulse in the brain, declines, the frequency of sexual intercourse and masturbation decreases with age. Those who are less horny are busy with other things. As a result, the erectile tissue is no longer stressed as regularly as in the Sturm und Drang times of youth. If the frequency of blood influence, swelling and swelling decreases, the connective tissue in the penis can be remodeled slightly.

In this way, the erectile tissue loses important elastic fibers, explains Uhthoff. The result: the penis shrinks both in size and in length. You can think of it as a muscle that is no longer exercised and slowly turns into sluggish fat - with the difference that the penis is not a muscle, even if some would like it to be. The payment? There are only rough estimates here: the penis loses around 1 to 2 centimeters in length and around 0.5 to 1 centimeter in circumference.

However, Uhthoff gives the all-clear: How much the penis really shrinks with age is always an individual development. Every erection is a cavernous body elasticity training, emphasizes Uhthoff. Anyone who wakes up at night with a strong stand or has a lively sex life will hardly shorten their penis in old age.

Often it is also a purely visual shortening: because men tend to get fat with age. The proportion of fat increases, also around the pubic bone, and the connective tissue becomes weaker. Both of these lead to the penis appearing visually shorter. The penis sinks into fat, so to speak. In the worst case scenario, very fat men can develop the phenomenon of the "buried penis", in which the penis is buried under a fat apron. Occasionally skip the brown sugar ruff and the greasy burger. Go to the gym and eat healthier.

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3. Drooping testicles are typical of old age

The scrotum also changes. The connective tissue slackens and the scrotum usually becomes a little longer. This is comparable to sagging breasts in women as they get older. In men, it can be assumed that the volume of the scrotum will decrease by around 1 to 3 cubic centimeters over time, according to Uhthoff. For those who can better imagine the amount of liquid: 3 cubic centimeters correspond to 3 milliliters. Usually 5 ml fit per 1 teaspoon.

4. The pubic hair becomes less

Whole-body waxing practitioners can look forward to the fact that when the testosterone level drops with age, the pubic hair also becomes a little lighter. However, this also depends very much on the individual, according to Uhthoff - similar to head hair.

5. The color of the penis changes with age

Pink, purple, blue, green-yellow patterned ?! Forget what fairy tales you've read on the internet. Our experts give the all-clear. It is true that there are men in whom the glans slightly discolour into purple-bluish with age, says Uhthoff, but that is absolutely not the standard. He has 70-year-olds in his practice whose penis looks like that of a 20-year-old. So the aging process doesn't affect the color of your best piece.

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Conclusion: an aging penis is not a flaw

Erectile dysfunction and beginning shrinkage from the age of 40 are the norm and not a blemish. It's the natural aging process. Muscles, memory and also the penis - everything should and can be kept in good working order to a certain extent. Eat a healthy diet and exercise!

Luck in misery: a woman's sexuality and orgasm do not depend on the penis, emphasizes Dr. Bühmann. For them there are several "best pieces" in a man. Men should see this as an advantage: more tools, more techniques, more variety - more fun in bed.

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