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A man's body language: this is how to tell his interest

You are just getting to know each other, but you have no idea how he thinks you are? The Interpreting a man's body language is sometimes not that easy. But it works with a few tricks. We'll show you what a man's looks reveal and how he shows you with his body language when he does Interest in you has or even already in love is.


What is a man's body language like when he is nervous or excited?

Are men always calm and cool? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that! The male sex also has its little ones Dating problems. You can tell by this body language that he is excited and nervous is.

  • He hides his hands in his trouser pockets.
  • He runs through his hair extremely often and smiles in embarrassment.
  • He blinks frequently during your conversation.
  • He licks his lips because his mouth is a little dry.
  • His palms point down in conversation.
  • The fingers drum nervously on the table.
  • He often covers his mouth.
  • He hides his hands behind his back.
  • Frequent scratching of the head.

With this type of body language he tries to make an impression on you

It's not just you who want a meeting to look good and oneleave a positive impression. So, men try with their body language To arouse interest.

  • By placing his hands at the level of his pelvis and supporting them, he assumes a manly posture.
  • During your conversation, he repeatedly smooths his clothes.
  • He makes himself great by stretching his body because he is the ideal protector and he wants to show that.
  • The chest is stuck out.
  • He crosses his arms behind his head and shows his muscles.

What is a man's body language like when he's interested?

Of course, all you hope for is that it will spark and that you will see each other again. But is he even interested in you? When you discover some of these traits in Him, you can be sure that He is not averse to you.

  • The posture is open, in particular his arms remain uncrossed.
  • He keeps looking at you and wants to make intensive eye contact.
  • He acts like a gentleman by holding the door open for you or helping you into your coat.
  • Does he gesticulate very strongly? - Direct hit!
  • Does he take breaks after talking about something? He's waiting for your reaction, so he cares about your opinion.
  • He reflects your gestures - he pays attention to you and your behavior, it is easier for him to remember all that has been told.
  • His palms point upwards during a conversation - a sign of trust.
  • The pupils of his eyes are dilated.
  • Physical comparisons - they are used to spark an interest in you.

With which body language does a man try to establish closeness?

You sense mutual interest, but what's next? If he not just interest on you, but also tries to establish closeness, you can be sure that he wants more than just dating. These gestures show you that he finds you attractive and is trying to get closer to you. Maybe he's already a little in love with you?

  • During your conversation, he leans forward to you again and again.
  • He touches you often.
  • His hips are facing you.
  • He rubs his hands over his shoulder or arm. In this way he signals the desire for physical affection.
  • Stand with your legs apart.
  • The space between you is becoming less and less - a clear signal from a man's body language

Tip: If he is talking to others, but is still devoted to you, he does not want to turn away, even if it seems verbally so. - A good sign!

What body language does a man show who is not interested?

You have certainly already had one or the other date that did not go as you would have liked. With this body language, a man shows that he is not interested.

  • He crosses his arms.
  • His body leans in a different direction.
  • During the conversation, he looks in other directions. (Or looks at his smartphone)
  • His gestures are frozen - with this body language he shows his disinterest.
  • He plays around with his fingers a lot.
  • The posture is relatively slack - he doesn't want to be in the limelight for you.
  • He has narrowed pupils.
  • His gaze falls on you from above or below - a sign of defensiveness and arrogance.

A man's body language: the checklist

As you can see, interpreting a man's body language is not that difficult with the right tricks. find here The main features to look out for in your meeting. So you can see right at the beginning whether general There is sympathy between you or whether he has no real interest in you.