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Everything that counts (EEZ) - information about the series

The series Everything that counts is a daily soap that has been broadcast on weekdays from Monday to Friday in the evening program since 2006. The series originally Diana's dream was supposed to be called, but was then renamed, has now grown to over 3,100 episodes. Everything that counts focuses on the influential Steinkamp family, who live in eat runs the Steinkamp Center and trains and supervises the figure skaters there at the beginning of the series. Later it became a dance sport center and figure skating faded into the background in favor of dance sport. How the series develops over time and which changing main characters determine the various episodes can be watched around the clock in the stream on TVNOW online.

All that matters - cast

Simone SteinkampTatjana Clasing (2006 -)
Richard SteinkampSilvan-Pierre Leirich (2006 -)
Jenny SteinkampChristiane Klimt (2006 - 2008)
Silvia Maleen (2008 - 2010)
Sophie Lutz (2011)
Kaja Schmidt-Tychsen (2011 -)
Marian ÖztürkSam Eisenstein (2006 -)
Dr. Vanessa Friederike SteinkampJulia Augustin (2006 - 20012, 2014 -)
Ingo ZadekAndré Dietz (2006 -)
Ben SteinkampJan Niklas Berg (2006 - 2008)
Jörg Rohde (2009 -)
Deniz ÖztürkIgor Dolgachev (2007 -)
Lena ÖztürkJuliette Greco (2007-2013, 2013-2018)
Maria Kempken (2013)
Birte Glang (2019 -)
Kaja Schmidt-Tychsen (2011 -)
Christoph Dominik LukowskiLars Korten (2016 -)
Marie SchmidtJudith Neumann (2015 - 2016)
Cheyenne Pahde (2016 -)
Roland "Ronny" miner Bela Klentze (2016 -)
Dr. Finn AlbrechtChristopher Kohn (2018 -)
Moritz "Mo" BrunnerTijan Njie (2018 -)
Stefanie Sandra "Steffi" KönigMadeleine Krakor (2018 -)
Niclas NadolnyRoon wooden shoe (2019 -)
Chiara NadolnyAlexandra Fonsatti (2019 -)
Nathalie ReichenbachAmrei Haardt (2019 -)

Which celebrities have guest roles in the series Everything that counts?

Anyone who has watched numerous episodes of Everything that counts will have already discovered some familiar faces who made guest appearances in individual episodes. That's how singers played like Gil Ofarim or Alexander Klaws as well as Cassandra Steen, Frauke Ludowig or Isabel Varell. The former German figure skater and bronze medal winner at European Championships and World Championships Tanja Szewczenko even shaped the series for three years in the role of Diana Sommer. Also the German Olympic champion on the horizontal bar Fabian Hambüchen starred in two episodes in 2016.

Who should stream series from the daily soap genre such as Everything that counts online?

Lovers of series like Between us or Good times Bad Times