Eardrum vibrates when I talk you listen

The eardrum vibrates / flutters with noises when I speak myself, with the last syllable when others speak. Tensor Tympani Syndrome?

Hello everybody

For 3 years now everything is being pushed onto my psyche although I can prove with several diaries that my complaints are cycle-related!

For three years now, doctors and psychologists have wanted to make me believe that the vision disorders that I have are also psychosomatic. In the meantime I finally made it through to the ophthalmologist and he referred me to the neurologist. He was able to explain one of the visual disorders to me, but not the other, so he wanted to call in a neurologist.

So I am there. An older neurologist, from my point of view very experienced. I described to him how my vision problems manifest themselves
Vitreous opacity so everything is full of blackness
Dots, afterimages, lightning, colored spots and a constant moving waves in the eye around the whole eye like a migraine aura but one that doesn't go away. Little silver stars ... well the list is long. In short, I see things that you shouldn't actually see if you're not doing drugs. So I always have visual disturbances in the dark or when I have closed my eyes. What is typical of the syndrome

He then quickly moved on to the “Visual Snow Symdrom”. Something apparently rare that really describes exactly what I have.

Even the depersionalization / derealization feeling is right. Everything is just right.

Well, I and my neurologist have agreed not to do any further examinations. Could you be a PED? Doing a scan is expensive and I have already done 2 MRIs of the skull and a CT of the lungs in the last few years. And we both agreed.
Also because the syndrome is not dangerous and since it has been newly discovered there is still no real cure, there is nothing more to be done.

Of course, my psychologist does not have enough “suspicion of VS” in the report and she insists on further investigations. What extremely annoys me because I believe that a neurologist still knows what he is saying.

"We have to have a clear diagnosis, it also plays a role for the social welfare office."

I understand through somewhere but I don't want that. No more contrast or radioactive agents get into my body!

Above all, I work what I can from home and then give the money to the social welfare office.

There are just things that I defend myself against. Also against an inpatient psychosomatic stay. Isn't it all so ambivalent on the one hand they want to save and on the other hand the welfare office pays for unnecessarily expensive stays? I go into therapy, do EMDR trauma therapy and contribute to improving health, but you see more and more often that everything is psychosomatic until the opposite is proven.

What would you do in my position?