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Jasper Hale

Jasper Whitlock Hale


place of birth


Originator of the transformation


Jazz (alice)

Mr. Jasper (J. Jenks) Jasper Whitlock (maiden name) Jasper Cullen (Sam)


Eye color

brown (as a human)

red (as a newborn) gold (as a vampire) black (when thirsty)

Outward appearance

tall, medium stature, shoulder-length hair; bears numerous scars from his time in the newborn army that are barely visible to the eyes of normal mortals

Family information

Alice Cullen (wife)

Carlisle Cullen (adoptive father) Esme Cullen (adoptive mother) Rosalie Hale (adoptive sister) Emmett Cullen (adoptive brother) Edward Cullen (adoptive brother) Bella Swan later Cullen (sister-in-law) Renesmee Cullen (niece)



typical vampire skills

Special Abilities

Perceiving and influencing the emotions around him



multiple high school and college degrees


Cullen family Denali clan
He is mentioned in the books Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn. Jasper is a vampire belonging to the Cullens clan.

He is the adoptive son of Esme and Carlisle Cullen, and the adoptive brother of Edward Cullen and Emmett Cullen and Rosalie Hale (who often appears as his twin sister).

He is married to Alice Cullen.

He is portrayed by Jackson Rathbone

curriculum vitae

Early life

Jasper Whitlock was born in Houston, Texas in 1844. In 1861 he joined the Confederation Army to fight in the American Civil War. Since he was already very tall for his age, he easily pretended to be 20 years old. Thanks to his charismatic aura, he quickly made it to the higher ranks of the army and eventually became a major. In 1863 he was supposed to evacuate the city of Galveston, Texas, where he met the vampires Nettie, Lucy and Maria on the way back, who turned him into a vampire. As a vampire, he developed the ability to sense and manipulate feelings. To take advantage of his military experience, Maria decided to give him control of an army of newborn vampires. His job was essentially to train the newborns and to dispose of them when they were no longer of any use. After a few decades he got tired of this bloody lifestyle, and because of his talent he suffered more and more from the agony of his victims, which he had to go through every time. After the escape of his only friend Peter and his partner, his depression got so bad that Maria even plans to get rid of him, which he can feel through his talent and in turn forges a defense plan. But before that happens, Peter appears again and persuades him to come and see him in a single conversation. But he didn't feel much better afterwards. He didn't have to fight anymore, but as soon as he hunted again he felt dejected and devastated. It was only Peter who noticed that this always happened right after the hunt and he understood what the problem was. Due to his ability to sense the feelings of his victims, he left his two friends after a while to look for an alternative to human blood. In 1948 he met Alice in a half-full diner in Philadelphia, who had already seen him in one of her visions. After that, he and Alice were out with Peter and Charlotte for a while, but he noticed that the traditional way of life made it difficult for him to take over Alice's and so they separated. Together the two made their way to the Cullens.


First he shows up with the other "Cullen kids" in the Forks High School cafeteria. Elsewhere, Jasper is described by Bella as a lion-like figure, with the help of which she manages to feel completely comfortable with the Cullens. Edward explains to Bella that Jasper lived in a different "family" for a long time and that he is having a hard time getting used to the Cullen way of life. When Edward worriedly asks Alice whether Jasper will take the situation, Alice defends her husband and tells Edward that he cannot blame Jasper. Jasper brings Bella to Phoenix with Alice to protect her from the Tracker James. He takes his job very seriously. Jasper and Emmett kill James in a Phoenix ballet studio. Then he distances himself from Bella again so as not to endanger her.

New moon

Jasper first appears in the school hallway in New Moon when Alice gives Bella her birthday present, Jasper influences Bella's feelings so that she accepts Alice's dress. He's later at Bella's birthday party at the Cullen's house. When Bella cuts her finger on wrapping paper, Jasper loses control and tries to attack Bella. After this misfortune, Edward decides to leave Bella, which is why the Cullens move away. Bella learns from Alice towards the end of the book that Jasper is studying psychology at university and that she has made great accusations. When Alice and Bella are on the plane to Italy, Jasper calls his wife and offers her to come to Emmett's help, but Alice tells him not to come. She lies to him to protect him. When the two women land back in the USA with Edward, Jasper and Alice see each other again at the airport and look into each other's eyes so intensely that Bella looks away. When Bella lets the Cullens vote on their future at the end of the novel, Jasper votes in favor of turning Bellas into a vampire.

"It will be nice not to want to kill you all the time." ''- Jasper in New Moon


In Eclipse, the action mainly revolves around the newborn army that Victoria created. Because Jasper has had previous life experience with newborns, he explains to Bella and his family how to handle newborns. He also tells Bella his story with Maria and how he got to Alice. It is Jasper's longest language passage in the entire book series. Jasper trains the Cullens and Wolves to fight the newborn army. Jasper's military background helps organize the Cullen and Quileute, which works perfectly. Jasper tries to be everywhere at the same time during the battle to protect his family, especially Alice, and is bitten by several newborns as a result. Jasper is also against Carlisle's decision to let Bree live, fearing that it could be interpreted to their disadvantage.

Breaking Dawn

In Breaking Dawn, Jasper feels Bella's nervousness about her wedding to Edward and calms her down as he, Emmett and Edward head off on a "private bachelorette party". When Bella has just been turned into a vampire, Jasper is always around to make sure they don't lose control

and hurt someone. He is shocked and surprised when he realizes that she has absolute self-control. Something that newborns don't normally have. This fact unsettles him very much and he rethinks his entire view of the self-control of a vampire. Having lived on human blood for over a century, Jasper is finding it difficult to curb his thirst. Bella was being prepared for life as a vampire and knew well enough about the thirst she would have. Now Jasper is rethinking his own attitude, which he firmly believes will never properly control his thirst. He still often stays near Bellas, because she is so happy all the time that he automatically feels very comfortable around her.

When the Cullens realize that the Volturi will come after Irina made a false statement about Bella's daughter Renesmee, Jasper goes to South America with Alice to find someone who, like Renesmee, is half human, half immortal. It turns out that Jasper has a secret business relationship with a Seattle attorney named Jason Scott Jenkins. This connection allows Bella to obtain forged papers for Jacob and Renesmee. Jasper and Alice find a half-vampire named Nahuel in Chile. They bring him to Forks together with his biological aunt Huilen, just in time to avoid a fight between the Volturi and the Cullens. In Alice's battle vision, he is killed by Felix after Jane made him defenseless with her ability. His death is later avenged by Alice.


Jasper has the ability to sense and manipulate feelings. According to Alice, this gift not only works in the head of the "attacked" person, as is the case with Jane or Edward's gift, but actually physically, which is why Bella is not protected from his gift, for example. He manipulates the feelings by stimulating hormones and accelerating the pulse, or even lowering it.

Jasper's ability had already shown itself when he was still human in the form of empathy. His empathy helped him advance rapidly in his military career and later as the commander of Maria's Newborn Army. Plus, like all vampires, he's fast, strong, and beautiful. He is the strongest in the family after Emmett and the fastest after Edward.

Appearance & personality


Jasper is about 1.90 m tall and has honey-blonde hair. He's not particularly muscular, but of good stature. Like the other Cullens, he has light, almost white skin and dark shadows under his eyes, which the others have too. He has golden eyes, like all vegetarian vampires, which turn black as soon as he becomes thirsty. Plus, like all vampires, he's incredibly beautiful. He has many moon-shaped scars all over his body. These scars are from countless vampire bites Jasper was given during his years with Maria. The scars are invisible to the human eye, they are only faintly visible in certain light. For vampires, however, these scars can be seen frighteningly clearly and act as a warning to anyone who does not know Jasper. In Breaking Dawn, Bella relates that the scars "literally screamed for danger." She also wonders, "How many vampires have tried to kill Jasper? The same number that were killed trying." In the movieTwilight describes Jessica in as "the blonde with the suffering expression on his face." His chin and throat are the worst scarred and look disfigured.


Jasper can easily be mistaken for cold / hypothermic as he is extremely calculated and practical. This becomes clear in Midnight Sun, for example, when Jasper announces that he will kill Bella and / or fight Edward to protect his family, especially Alice. That is before he gets to know her, however, and he immediately takes the step back when Alice asks him not to have such concerns. The same thing occurs when it comes to keeping Bree alive or killing his family, especially Alice. His relationship with Alice shows his warm, sensitive side. He and Alice are true soul mates, but they don't carry their relationship as openly as Rosalie and Emmett do. In general, he's more calm and more likely to think before saying anything. He doesn't like to be the center of attention.

Although he has long since left Maria, his experiences have left their mark on her, he feels very guilty about his former mistakes. Even today he suffers again and again from his previous deeds and suffered from severe depression, especially before he and Alice became a couple. He also suffers greatly from being the "weakest link" in the family, so he hopes Bella will have a hard time settling in as a vampire. He knows that Alice and Edward are "guarding" him to prevent a disaster should he lose control. For him it is a humiliation, although he knows that it is necessary and is secretly glad that someone is looking after him, although he believes that he does not deserve compassion and he even feels uncomfortable. When he was still human, he is described as very charismatic and very personable. He is also described as a strong and energetic leader, which allowed him to quickly reach higher military ranks than others. Jasper can put himself in other people's shoes very well, but rarely uses his gift of emotional manipulation. When the Culllens move out of New Moon, Jasper is studying philosophy at Cornell University. One of his good qualities can be seen as his unconditional love for Alice, which he protects with all his might. He would do anything for his love. An example of this is a scene in Eclipse when he tried to "be everywhere" to protect Alice from Victoria's newborns and without hesitation accepts that he will be bitten himself.


Alice Cullen

"I was just relieved. I thought you would never show up."- Alice to Jasper about their first meeting

Jasper met Alice after leaving Peter and Charlotte. She was sitting in a half-full restaurant in Philadelphia, thanks to her ability she had already seen that they would meet. Her behavior made him suspicious at first. Jasper, a little confused by the fact that she already knew him, apologized to her for telling him he had kept her waiting. According to Alice, he had bowed his head like a southern gentleman and said, "I'm sorry, madam." sorry. Then Alice offered him her hand for a future together. Jasper took her hand gratefully. "For the first time in almost a century I felt something like hope."

They fell in love and joined the Cullen clan together.

In the Bis (s) novels it becomes clear again and again that Jasper and Alice have a very nice and happy relationship. The two are the only ones in the Cullen clan who have not been transformed by either Carlisle or Edward. Your understanding of love differs significantly from e.g. Rosalie and Emmett. They are not that open about their feelings and have only legally married once, while Emmett and Rosalie have repeated it several times. It is obvious, however, that Jasper adores Alice and would do anything for her. He has a protective instinct similar to that of Carlisle for Esme, Edward for Bella, and Emmett for Rosalie.


"I hope you survive. You could be of great use to me."- Maria to Jasper

Jasper was transformed by Maria during the American Civil War when she was looking for people to use for her newborn army. After transforming Jasper, she realized that he could be extremely useful to her, as his special abilities allowed him to control the emotions of the young vampires and keep them together. With Maria and her sisters Nettie and Lucy they conquered parts of Mexico and Texas. During their time together, the two got so close that she specifically set him apart from the others, including for his help when her sisters rebelled against her. Jasper later left Maria along with his friends Peter and Charlotte, who, along with the Cullens, are like family to him. It is not known what became of Maria, she is only mentioned again in Eclipse when Edward tells that she visited the Cullens in Calgary, but Jasper made it clear to her that she should stay away from his family . Jasper also tells Peter and Charlotte to wish Maria all the best of him if they meet her.

Rosalie Hale

Rosalie is Jasper's adoptive sister and the two often pose as twins due to their physical similarities. Jasper has therefore also adopted Rosalie's last name. The two maintain a good, sibling relationship and take care of each other.

Edward Cullen

Edward is Jasper's adoptive brother and the two have a good brotherly relationship, even if Eclipse makes it clear that Jasper would have been willing to turn against Edward. Fearing for Alice, Jasper forges plans to kill Bella and, if necessary, turn against Edward as well. But since Alice has a vision of Bella and her as friends, these plans dissipate and do not endanger the relationship between Edward and Jasper.

Edward, Emmett and Jasper often wrestle with each other and because of their skills, the two are mostly on a par.

Emmett Cullen

Emmett is Jasper's adoptive brother and the two are very close. They often go hunting with Edward and often play wrestling and chess together. Emmett is often very funny to others.

Carlisle Cullen

Carlisle is Jasper's adoptive father. The two seem to have a close relationship, both are the elders of the family and often work together to observe the rules within the family.Carlisle entrusts Jasper with training the family on newborn babies, and although Jasper and Alice were not transformed by him, Carlisle considers them to be part of the Cullen family from the start.

Isabella Cullen (née Swan)

It will be nice not to want to kill you all the time.”— Jasper to Bella

Jasper and Bella have a very, interesting 'relationship. Also because Jasper is always careful not to attack Bella, which happens on her 18th birthday. Her smell of blood drives him crazy, but when Bella becomes a newborn, Jasper is always there to help her control herself. The fact that she has herself so well under control both confuses and impresses him, and he rethinks many deeply rooted assumptions. He wonders whether he might not behave as she does if he had higher expectations of himself. Bella thinks he has a calming charisma.


Peter is a vampire Jasper fought with in Mexico. Peter is like a brother to Jasper, just as his companion Charlotte is a sister to him.

Name meaning

Jasper is the French / English form of the Latin / Biblical name Caspar. In the Bible, Caspar is one of the three kings.