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Lassie is a 1954 adventure series starring George Cleveland and Tommy Rettig.

Lassie is a Collie dog who is always loyal to people and is a great help. At the beginning of the series, she lives with little Jeff and his family, the Millers. Later, little Timmy is their master, an orphan who has found a home with the Martins.

Complete storyline and information about Lassie

From the television dictionary: US adventure series (& # 8220; Lassie & # 8221 ;; 1954-1974).

The collie bitch Lassie is a real heroine. She saves people from tricky situations and helps their respective masters wherever they can. Lassie's master is initially the boy Jeff Miller (Tommy Rettig), who lives with his widowed mother Ellen (Jan Clayton) and his grandfather George (George Cleveland) in Calverton. Lassie is of course Jeff's best friend, his second best being Porky Brockway (Donald Keeler), who lives with his father Matt (Paul Maxay). When the Millers move to town after a few years, they place Lassie in the hands of the orphan boy Timmy (Jon Provost), who is led by Ruth (Cloris Leachman; later: June Lockhart) and Paul Martin (Jon Sheppod; later: Hugh Reilly) was adopted and lives with them and Uncle Petrie (George Chandler). Timmy's friends are Boomer Bates (Todd Ferrell) and old Cully Wilson (Andy Clyde).
After a while, the Martins move to Australia, where dogs are quarantined for six months after entering the country. Because they don't want Lassie to do that, she moves in with the forest ranger Corey Stewart (Robert Bray) and later with the rangers Scott Turner (Jed Allen) and Bob Erickson (Jack de Mave). Lassie, who no longer lives on a farm for the first time, but lives with the rangers in the forest, uses this circumstance for many adventures in the wild, which she often experiences without her two masters. This then leads to the fact that in some episodes no text is spoken for a quarter of an hour or the overall dialogue in one episode adds up to just ten sentences. After spending a lot of time alone on the road, Lassie finally lives again on a ranch whose owner Keith Holden (Larry Wilcox) becomes her new master.
Lassie was the prime example of all series in which clever animals rescued children from holes or burning houses, caught crooks and saved other animals from bleeding to death by simply running up and barking (or neighing, chattering, etc.) what their best friend, mostly a little boy, immediately pointed correctly. It followed, inter alia. Fury, Flipper and Black Beauty. Rin-Tin-Tin had already existed before, but ARD only showed a few episodes of it, and that at a time when most Germans did not yet have a television.
The series started in a loose series on ARD, partly as part of the Saturday afternoon show at home. In the following ten years, ZDF showed a total of more than 300 episodes under four different titles: All episodes with Jeff and Timmy were called Lassie, the episodes with Corey Stewart were Lassie's adventures, those with Scott and Bob Lassie's new friends and those with Lassie alone were Lassie . The German dubbing voice of little Timmy was the actress and later crime scene commissioner Eva Mattes, who also spoke Pippi Longstocking. From 1991 onwards, Pro Sieben was still digging up over 100 episodes that had not been broadcast before.
15 years after the end of the series, a new edition was created, which RTL again showed under the original German title Lassie. This is also the name of another version in the KI.KA.
Lassie herself has been played by many different dogs over the decades, all of whom, unlike the role, were male and sported a bit of fake fur over the genitals. Rudd Weathermax trained Lassie. A total of almost 600 half-hour episodes were produced, almost all of which were shown in Germany. In addition, more than ten feature films were shot, the first with the title & # 8220; Homesickness & # 8221; (& # 8220; Lassie Come Home & # 8221;; 1943), a film adaptation of the novel by Eric Knight, the series was based. A Lassie cartoon series was also made in the USA in the mid-1970s. Lassie was one of the longest running and most successful television series in the world. Several episodes are available on DVD.