How to cut someone off mean

The opposite of nice - this is how you treat mean people

Even if you are nice yourself, unfortunately you don't just get to know other nice people. But if you know how to deal with the opposite, then you are on the safe side.

If you run into mean or unfair people, you should be able to react accordingly to resolve the situation in your own way.

Not everyone is nice

  • The feeling of being nice is different for everyone. Someone whom you personally find nice can also be viewed as unfair or mean by another person. Nice is therefore always a matter of opinion.
  • While most people are nice and accommodating, personal moods can also do the opposite. If you yourself had a stressful day or anger with the boss, then you may be irritable and no longer nice.
  • But if someone is very mean and unfriendly towards you for no reason, then with a little skill you can do the opposite and get a nice conversation out of an initially unpleasant meeting.

Use the opposite for the situation

  • If you meet someone who is very unkind and mean to you, you have several options for turning the situation into the opposite. All you have to do is be smart and take advantage of this situation.
  • At the beginning, you should simply ignore personal or even aggressive and hurtful comments. Only react if the person concerned is neutral or friendly and nice to you.
  • Always answer in a friendly manner and put on a matching smile. Many people who are mean then notice very quickly that something is not going right and can even be nice and show themselves from an extremely pleasant side.

You don't always have to be nice

  • Of course, you can also approach your counterpart directly in the same way and show this person the opposite of being nice.
  • If you get a mean or nonsensical answer, then you react with the same answer, which is also anything but nice.
  • Here, however, you cannot expect the conversation to turn out positively, because common people in particular often feel attacked if they are treated in the same common way.

Be nice but matter-of-fact

  • You don't have to go into the opposite and get mean to speak your mind clearly. Be factual and friendly, but be clear and precise about what you think about their behavior.
  • Short and direct sentences that contain what does not suit you often work wonders. You can also say directly that this tone makes you feel offended, or that you find this tone very hurtful.
  • As long as you remain friendly and nice, you are in a better position and can simply end the conversation later without reproach. Often you divert such a conversation into the opposite and it can even lead to interesting acquaintances.

Not everyone can always be nice. Often it is just a bad day that does the opposite and makes a person seem mean or unfriendly.

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