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Support C3 Multiplexer is not recognized ... tested on 2nd notebooks with the Xentry versions 03.2012, 01.2013 and 07.2014 !!!!

Hello everybody,
I came across an original C3 multiplexer after a long search. It's really original, not China, stuff. The colleague has tested it extensively on his computer, works great!
I bought that thing and then got a Dell Latitude D610 and a Dell Latitude D620. On the D610 Lappy I pulled up the image 03.2012 and activated Xentry DAS ...... and puff he recognized the Plexer (see picture). I then continued the diagnosis, the error message Xentry error message "... Terminal 30 and Terminal 31 ...."
I connected the other hard drive to the Xentry 07.2014, booted everything previously activated .... does not recognize the Plexer.
I then googled a bit and found out that you have to activate the Com2 interface on the Dell Lapys in the BIOS. I did something there but I'm not sure if that was right (see photo). Doesn't work again ....: rage: I set the bit rate accordingly, again no connection ...
I then unpacked my Dell Latitude D620 and opened and activated Xentry 01.2013 .... puff .... ned recognizes the Plexer again ....: rage: I asked tens of people on Facebook ... no one could help me there most of them now work with the C4.

I think I made some attitude mistake ... not sure about that. But is it also because the Plexer is an original one? But why was the colleague able to diagnose without any problems ...

People please help me ... @rayriosul: disrelieved :: disappointed :: disappointed :, I wanted to use the Plexer for the old vehicles, like my W210.
For my W212 I have a Xentry 03.2020 Passthru Lappy there, so I can read out newer models.