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Fifteen years ago, Robert Camp discovered an ancient method of determining people's destinies. He has written five books revealing the secrets of the forecasting science featured in Cards of Your Destiny. He also does personal readings for well-known celebrities, teaches seminars and frequently appears on television and radio talk shows. His other book, Love Cards, is also published by Sourcebooks.

In 1973, a man by the name of Arne Lein made an amazing and startling prediction. Arne Lein studied astrology, numerology, and the science of the cards and had many television and motion picture personalities among his clients. By chance, he was asked by Tennis Illustrated magazine to test his system of prediction by deciding who would be the winners of the Wimbledon tennis matches for that year. As Arne began his study of all the contenders, he discovered a fascinating pattern emerging. He noticed that the cards of all the American contenders were showing very bad results for the date of the matches. Their cards showed frustration and disappointment, usually associated with losing matches. Trusting in his system, Arne told Tennis Illustrated that none of the Americans would win those matches or even do well. This was unusual since so many of the top contenders were American. As the date of the matches drew near, a political issue came up whereby none of the Americans were allowed to compete in the matches that year. Tennis Illustrated was stunned that Arne's prediction had come true. So much so, in fact, that they asked him to write a monthly astrology column, which, as you can imagine, is unusual for a tennis magazine. The techniques that Arne Lein used to make his predictions are the very same that you are about to learn while reading this book. Arne Lein was one of my first teachers in the cards, and I pass on to you this ancient and amazing science of forecasting that I have used successfully in my reading practice for the past eight years. It is the most accurate and easy to learn system I have ever found. Prepare yourself to be amazed at the information you will obtain from it. I certainly was and still am.

What you are about to learn is part of an ancient esoteric science that has been kept secret for centuries. Mystical orders that have been in existence since before ancient Egypt have carefully preserved its secrets totally intact to be released to the public when the time was right. This is the first book to completely unveil these secrets and to show you, in great detail, how to use this fortune-telling system to learn everything about your past, present, or future. You are among the first to discover and use the power of this ancient system, which is the original science associated with our common playing cards.

Inside, you will first discover what your Birth Card is. Once you know what this card is, you will be able to look up any year of your life and read the cards of your Yearly Spreads, which give specific and detailed information about every important area of ​​your life. You will be able to know, in advance, what will be happening in the areas of love, romance, family, work, finances, health, travel, legal matters, and your spiritual life. You will know what are the best times for marriage, business expansion, changing jobs or lines of work, travel, and the sale of real estate. You will be able to see what is going to happen between you and anyone else that you know. People you know will be mentioned in your cards by their exact birthday. The essential nature of all your relationships will be fully explained, both on a lifelong basis and for the year ahead.

This book will guide you through the simple steps of doing a complete one-year reading for yourself. This one-year reading has specific information concerning each month of the year. In addition to this, you will learn how to do a weekly reading that shows you the influences present for every day of the week. With these two tools, you will have a valuable guide to help you make all your important decisions. Again, you can also use what you learn to do readings for anyone you choose. Many people have turned this science into a full-time career. Just as Arne Lein did, you will be able to make predictions about anyone for any purpose. Its knowledge can be applied to business or personal matters with great success.

This system is unique. Though it involves our common playing cards, you do not need a deck of cards to do a yearly reading, nor will you need any psychic power. All the cards that represent the events and relationships of every month and year of your life are already chosen for you and ready to be looked up in this book. It is like the fabled and mysterious book of destiny that so many ancient myths allude to. You will actually find a record of your entire life within this book. Whether you care to look into the future or the past, the information is here. All you have to learn is where to look it up and how to interpret the language of the cards. The meanings of all the cards are included so that you can easily translate your cards into information you can use. To do a reading for yourself or anyone else you only need to know three bits of information-1) birth date, 2) sex, and 3) occupation.

With this information alone, you will be able to access information that is both pertinent and practical. Unlike astrology, you do not need the place or time of birth.

Anyone can learn and use this method to advantage-both novices and professionals. If you are new to forecasting techniques, this system will give you some basics of astrology and numerology that will expand your overall comprehension of those subjects. This system is a magical combination of the cards, astrology, and numerology that can be learned quickly and easily. If you have tried other systems, you will find this technique easy to understand and apply. The average person can begin doing readings within hours of beginning this book. Compare that to the years it takes most people to learn the art of astrological predictions. If you have studied numerology or astrology, you will find that your previous studies will add to your comprehension of this "science" and accelerate your mastery of it.

But how specific and accurate is the information? Most people who learn it are surprised by its uncanny accuracy-how it names specific people and dates for events, often pinpointing exactly what will happen and with whom. I have found that this system is 100 percent accurate. This I have discovered after years of using and studying it. The more you use it, the more accurate it becomes because your comprehension of it increases. In the beginning, you will find it pinpointing specific events in an amazing way. Later, as you become more experienced at using it, you will see that it also shows you the hidden influences that are behind the external manifestations in your life. Its value as a guide for life decisions increases each time you use it.

After using this method for a while, you will find that it offers other benefits you probably were not expecting. Because this system has its roots in some of our oldest mystical orders, the information it provides can be a spiritual guide to help you better understand how and why you create your life the way you do. In a way, this book is a gateway to an entire philosophy of material and spiritual attainment, a philosophy sustained by one of the oldest spiritual fellowships in existence-The Order of the Magi. As you study the meanings of your cards each year, you will find that you have opportunities to alter the course of your destiny. The card meanings will provide you with alternative approaches to the situations that arise in your life and will suggest how to get the greatest good from them. Difficulties can often be avoided through approaching the situation with the right attitude. For example, knowing in advance when the influences are favorable for expansion of your finances and business interests will give you the green light to move forward with confidence. The same principle will increase your successes in your romantic life. Using this system is sort of like driving at night with your headlights on. With your lights on, you can see in advance what is ahead of you and make the proper adjustments in your course to arrive quickly and safely at your destination.

In the next chapters, you will begin your study by learning about the cards which represent you-your Birth Card, Planetary Ruling Card, and Personality Cards. Next, using the charts provided, you will learn how to use and interpret the Yearly Spreads of yourself and your friends. Later, this book will teach you how to do weekly readings using a simple but advanced technique of interpreting the spreads. Both beginners and experts will benefit from the detailed interpretations of every card found within.

I hope you enjoy using this system and discover for yourself just how amazing and fun it is to use. We offer many forms of support and instruction for those who are interested. There are audio and video tapes, computer software packages, and classes you can take if you decide you want or need further clarification or instruction. Look in the back of the book for more information on these products and services. In the meantime, enjoy using a system that was once only used by the high prices in ancient mystical orders. The truth is for all to share and use, especially now, in our awakening Age of Aquarius.

Best wishes, Robert Lee Camp