How do LED candles work

LED candles: the most beautiful light, especially safe - not just at Christmas

They are one of the most romantic and decorative developments in the history of artificial light: LED candles. Where conventional candles often cause burned fingers, scorched curtains or soot and wax stains on birthdays, weddings and, last but not least, Christmas, LED real wax candles prove themselves through their security and a look that can hardly be distinguished from the real candle.

The sun is slowly going down. The candlelight bathes the garden in an atmospheric glow and the guests leave the wedding couple in the romantic light of the candles celebrate once again. Whether at weddings, on birthdays, at romantic dinners or at family celebrations - especially on festive occasions, candles are part of it, such as good food, stylish clothing or the right music.

But candles not only create the right atmosphere for special occasions or Christmas. Because as Beautiful, atmospheric decorative and style elements can now be found all year round in the apartments and gardens, but also on the terraces and balconies and from there they spread their relaxing light.



A cozy evening by candlelight

On warm summer evenings, real wax candles and tea lights light up the terrace, balcony and garden and let the day end comfortably with friends. In autumn, however, when it gets colder again and the Days shorter, this special type of lighting really has high season.

But who is surprised !? Or belongs to one cozy autumn evening in your favorite armchair A hot cup of tea and a good book is not a cozy one relaxed atmosphere in addition, created from a sea of ​​lights from candles !? Because hardly any other light source creates one relaxing and cozy atmosphere like the candle and, like no other accessory, ensures a special cosiness in your own four walls.

But why actually use LED candles?

But as beautiful as candlelight is in the apartment - that one Dealing with real candles and tea lights or open flames and hot wax involves numerous dangersthat should by no means be underestimated and that have not only caused burned fingers many times.

Of course, it doesn't always have to come to the worst. Children like to play with candlelight and fire - that later the beloved The wooden table has unsightly drops of wax or the curtain has black soot stains will not keep the little ones from enjoying the light.

But therefore on the candle magic forego cozy evenings on the sofa? The to stressRemember to keep the candles off when you go to bed to make out absolutely? To keep everything flammable, including the beautiful, autumnal decorative material, at a safe distance from the flame? Always have access to the nearest faucet and possibly one too To provide buckets of water?

thanks modern LED technology It is now possible to bypass these dangers very easily and still enjoy all the advantages of this very special decorative element. Because one great, completely safe and environmentally friendly alternatives to real candles and tea lights are LED candles and LED tea lights.


It all depends on the optics: LED candles are like real candles like a counterpart

Hard to distinguish from real candles and tealights made of wax, LED real wax candles and LED tea lights spread a romantic and relaxed feel-good atmosphere through flickering candlelight, but without using an open fire.

The secret lies inside the candles, in the use of the latest lighting technology - LED. Because almost invisible, inside the modern real wax candles, LEDs are hidden, theirs At first glance, light is indistinguishable from real candles and their soft glow and flickering form an incomparable decorative element in the home.

But not only the slightly flickering, authentic light of the LED candles caused by a small microchip built into the candle looks deceptively real, but also also the candle itself. Because not only the real candles are made of wax, but also the modern, completely safe models with LED technology. Typical wax smell, slightly flickering, atmospheric glowing candlelight, wax that has already run down on the outer edge and even blowing out the candle - no problem for modern LED real wax candles.

By the way: The wax that has run down gives the feeling that the candle has been burning for some time - but in reality the same atmospheric picture can be enjoyed hours or days later. Because where real candles burn down on one side and the wax has not stayed in the catcher for a long time, it is in light drops The LED candle's hanging wax is purely decorative and will never lead to crookedly deformed candles.


How LED candles work - and why they don't need a plug

The LED candle mostly gets its energy from standard batteries, although models with battery operation can also be selected. Like most LED tea lights, these become whole conveniently charged on the supplied charging station. Thus, these candles are not tied to a specific location and can can be distributed throughout the house in a completely flexible manner, exactly according to your own wishes and ideas.

However, so that you don't have to go into every room again and again and "light" every single candle, many modern LED real wax candles have one these days integrated timerthat automatically turns the candle on and off again as you wish.

Depending on the version of the LED candles, it is also possible not only to comfortably sit on the sofa with one of the included remote control to decide on and off each of the candles as well as their interval rhythm, but for example in the case of color-changing LED real wax candles, also through their color.

Candles that burn overnight or in the absence of the owner? A real flame represents a great danger potential here! With the LED candle? No heat generation, but a completely harmless light, which you can leave to yourself - for example, when you nod off.


LED candles in an infinite variety of shapes and colors

As with conventional candles and tea lights, there are also those Modern LED candles and LED tealights have no limits in terms of shape, color, size and pattern.

Regardless of whether it is classy, ​​cream-colored LED candle made of real wax with a height of 40 cm, which stylishly stages the dark brown chest of drawers, a 12 cm high, in LED real wax candle shining in a sunny yellow for the windowsill, a small one classic white LED tealight in a tealight holder decorated in autumn for the guest toilet or also Different colored, noble looking candles with apparently burned down wax, which give the side table or the chest of drawers a special charm - the furnishing ideas, personal With LED candles and LED tealights, there are no limits to wishes and decoration ideas in your own four walls set.

All sizes and shapes of candles in the most varied of sizes are totally hip this autumn Berry and earth tones, but also LED candles in Bordeaux red, sunflower and honey yellow as well as in metallic tones such as gold, silver, copper, pearl and gray set great, autumnal accents and invite you to linger and relax in arrangements or individually.

However, with all the new color choices, too white, cream- and champagne-colored candles and tea lights are of course never missing, as classics they guarantee elegance and comfort in the room and make every lantern shine.

And to Christmas? Above all, of course red candles not missing! Times classic, times playful with glitter or with fun template - beautiful is what you like.


Would you like an inviting light in the garden?

But not only the interior can easily be turned into a place of relaxation and well-being with the latest LED technology in the form of candles, but also Outdoor area. Because where conventional candles in the open air reach their limits and simply go out, LED candles and LED tea lights with protection class IP44 simply flicker cheerfully continue, because neither rain nor wind can harm them. Atmospheric garden parties and romantic moments outdoors with flickering candlelight are therefore also no problem.


So let's summarize again: LED candles ...

  • can hardly be distinguished from real candles
  • with protection class IP44 also provide comfortable light outdoors
  • can be operated individually and without great effort using an integrated timer and / or remote control
  • do not pose a fire hazard as they do not work with open flames and LEDs do not heat up
  • are also safe for children and animals
  • can also be used in places (e.g. in guest toilets) and in situations (e.g. when falling asleep) when there is no constant monitoring
  • never burn down or only on one side
  • can be provided with easily inflammable decoration without hesitation
  • can be placed directly next to easily inflammable and combustible furnishings without hesitation
  • do not develop smoke or soot
  • never cause unsightly drops of wax on sensitive surfaces
  • ensure beautiful, cozy light where real candles are not allowed to be used for safety reasons (kindergartens, retirement homes, hospitals, ...)