What does Maven's personal key do?

our philosophy

Besides the smartphone and the wallet, there are probably only a few things that we use every day and always carry with us. The keychain is one of those personal items.

It's lying in front of us on the desk, dangling from the ignition lock of our car. He accompanies us every day to work, shopping, exercising or traveling. And after a strenuous day we always open the door to our own home port.

We at FABACH are convinced: the key ring can not only open house doors, but also the door to the heart. A lovingly designed key ring can show our favorite person what he means to us. It can stand as a symbol for feelings that are difficult to put into words such as love, affection, friendship and security. Such a personal pendant can play a small key (role) in the life of its wearer. And isn't it exactly these little things that make us smile every day?