Muffin man means what

Origin of Muffin

[F] For a few years now they have also been in this country muffins The small round cakes, often filled with berries, are very popular. But how is the word itself to be explained? In the dictionaries that I have at hand, I only find the basic meaning ›Baked goods made from yeast dough‹, at best it says »Origin not cleared«.

[A] This word is actually still a mystery. It is obvious that it comes from English, but questions arise for this language too. I cannot do a more in-depth analysis here and have to limit myself to the dictionaries and encyclopedias that are available in our library.

The great traditional English dictionary by Muret / Sanders (1917) attributes muffin: "1. Smooth, round, white bread rolls, usually toasted and buttered for breakfast. - 2nd small earthen plate. - 3. F [= figurative] sl. [= Slang] Lord, under whose protection several women are. " muffin cap is declared as a ›small round cap‹. Bring our etymological dictionaries to the English language muffin combined with soft bread and presumably (»perhaps / probably«) relate to the older French expression (pain) moufflet (soft bread) - 'soft bread'. Meyer's Large Conversation Lexicon from 1905 has the following entry: "Muffins (English, spr. möff-), English tea biscuits made from wheat flour, butter and egg white." "Webster's" Universal Dictionary of English (1979) adds that under muffin also a small bread (as much as Rolls, rolls) made from yeast dough.

Current English (German-English) dictionaries express themselves in the same way as Muret / Sanders, but add the new meaning that has developed in the Anglo-American region: ›small, mostly sweet cake (baked in a cup), with fruit or other is filled ‹. This applies to the muffinsthat you are addressing. There are also special meanings, some of which are transferred, in English today: a) ›small plate‹, b) ›poor ball player‹, c) ›man who accompanies or supervises a young lady‹. After this Dictionary of American Slang (1975) can be found under muffin also ›a girl‹ and under muffins ›A woman‘s or esp. an adolescent girl‘s breasts ‹. Many words take a considerable course ...

To put it simply: the path goes from English rolls to American tarts, which we have been baking for a long time and which many people like to eat. Many recipes are known, the exact derivation of the word Muffin of course it is still uncertain.

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