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The 30 most famous left-handers in history

The famous leftist They are very many, although they are a minority. In this article, we are going to review the 30 most widely recognized ones in the world.

Many years ago it was thought that left handed was a curse. Parents forced their children to be right-handed so as not to suffer the consequences of a prejudiced society. Today it is not known why some people are left handed and others are not, but what is known is that there is no curse or no charge.

Some scientists say it's hereditary. For example, a right-handed couple will not have a left-handed child, with rare exceptions. In the meantime, if the couple is left-handed, it is very likely that their son or daughter is too.

Anyway, the truth is, the world is made for right-handed people. Why? Simply because only 12.8% of the world's population are left-handed.

However, using the left side has its advantages. Left-handed people, for example, have better coordination and tend to be more creative. It has also been proven to make music and math reports better. They also have advantages in sports, especially tennis and fencing.

Ranking of the most famous left-handers in history

1- Leonardo Da Vinci

Painter, inventor, anatomist, architect, paleontologist, botanist, scientist, writer, sculptor, philosopher, engineer, musician, poet, urban planner and absolute genius, the great Leonardo became left-handed and that did not stop he developing an overwhelming life at all.

Some consider him the most brilliant and complete person in the world. In addition to his famous paintings, among them La GiocondaDa Vinci is credited with inventing the helicopter, the submarine and the automobile, among other things.

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2- Pablo Picasso

The Spanish painter is considered one of the great painters of the 20th century and all of history. His work has had and continues to have a tremendous impact on the art world, and his paintings are among the most expensive in the world. He was also very active politically, he was a member of the Spanish Communist Party until his death on April 8, 1973, at the age of 91.

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3- Fidel Castro

The leader of the Cuban revolution and president of his country was also left-handed. That didn't stop him from becoming Commander-in-Chief of the Revolutionary Forces even years before his death when he turned the command to his brother Raul Castro. Beyond the controversy that his life and work can spark, the truth is that Fidel was one of the most important figures of the twentieth century.

4- Bill Clinton

Clinton served twice as President of the United States and was the youngest to assume that responsibility. He left his position with approximately 76% approval, one of the highest in history. His influence on world politics in the 1990s was enormous and today he remains a relevant figure.

5- John F. Kennedy Jr.

The son of John F. Kennedy and Jacqueline had an untimely death just at the height of his fame, which increased the myth of the curse of the Kennedy family. He died when he was just 38 years old on July 16, 1999 in a plane crash. His wife and sister-in-law also died.

6- Albert Einstein

Einstein is without a doubt the most famous scientist of the 20th century, and perhaps all of history. His figure and name are synonymous with science. Einstein's fame, largely because of his theory of relativity, with physics upside down and revolutionized the concept of gravity.

For this reason he won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1921. However, Einstein transcends his own theory, which very few people in the world understand. His face and his globally recognized name represent the idea of ​​the crazy and extraordinary scientist.

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7- Isaac Newton

Not only is Newton the greatest scientist of all time, he invented science as we know it today. His most important work was the discovery of the law of universal gravity, although he is also recognized for his work on light and optics. To put it another way, Newton discovered how the universe works.

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8- Ludwig van Beethoven

What can one say about this absolute genius? His work is one of the greatest achievements in human history. And its influence on western music is unpredictable. His life and supposed disheveled style gave him the reputation of a mad composer and angry genius.

9 - David Bowie

This English musician, who died in 2016, is one of the most transcendent artists of the 20th century. His music goes beyond rock and even music.

He revolutionized the culture of the 70s and was characterized by a constant change in the sonority and concept of his work, which is why he was called "El Camaleón".

10- Bob Dylan

Though many don't know, composer and singer Bob Dylan is also left-handed but plays the guitar right-handed, an exercise many guitarists acquire to make learning easier until they can get a guitar that is right-handed.

Nobel Prize in Literature in 2016, Dylan is an immeasurable figure in popular music of the twentieth century.

11 - Kurt Cobain

The leader of nirvana was perhaps the most famous left-hander of the 90s and, of course, one of the architects of the musical genreGrungethat greatly influenced rock musicians at the end of the last century.

His tragic death has taken him to a place he may never want to be: the rocker myth that leaves a young corpse.

12- Jimi Hendrix

For many, the greatest rock guitarist of all time, Hendrix established his original technique of playing guitar by being left-handed.

Instead of buying a left-handed guitar, I switched strings to a right-handed one and played it "upside down". Never being left handed was so cool in rock until Hendrix arrived.

13 - Paul McCartney

When we talk about celebrities, almost no one is more famous than Sir Paul, the former Beatle and one of the most talented composers of the 20th century.

With John, George and Ringo they revolutionized the world of music and especially rock of the 60s, whose songs are already part of the world's popular culture.

14 - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

This gigantic composer and pianist is considered one of the most influential artists in history. He composed about 600 works! But that's nothing: the vast majority are now recognized as a masterpiece.

His fame is also due to his precocious talent and strange personality on which the popular film was based Amadeus.

15- Cole Porter

Porter is no more and no less than responsible for composing much of 20th century American pop music.

Her songs are part of the classic songbook, among them are: "I've got you under my skin", "Let's do it (let's fall in love)", "Love For Sale", "True love" and "You" it be nice to come home. For many music connoisseurs, Porter is the best composer of the past hundred years.

16 - Ringo Starr

Like his partner Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr was left-handed, a trait that certainly influenced the way he played the drums. Plus, Ringo is perhaps the most beloved of the Beatle for his funny personality and lovable humor.

17- sting

The English musician, whose real name is Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner, is known for his work as a composer, singer and bassist in the group The Police, with which he sold no more than a hundred million albums.

It also won 16 Grammy Awards and an Oscar. Some of his songs are considered classics of pop music.

18 - Atahualpa Yupanqui

The Argentine folklore teacher was also left-handed, and perhaps this is why he had such a unique and original technique of playing the guitar that he is one of the great instrumentalists in Argentina. In addition to his music, Yupanqui distinguished himself as a poet and thinker.

19 - Diego Armando Maradona

Maradona is perhaps the most famous person on this list of celebrities who say a lot. Despite his controversial personality, he is considered to be one of the best footballers in history, if not the best, but the funny thing is that his way of playing with his left foot started the myth of the left-handed skill in football.

Indeed, Maradona's left leg has given the world some of the most beautiful goals and games in the sport.

20- Pele

As one of the best footballers in history (and having an eternal argument with Maradona), Pele has done his thing too, so that the left are seen as special in the field of play.

21 - Brad Pitt

The popular Hollywood actor is one of the most glamorous stars of his generation. He started out as "just a pretty face" but today he is recognized as a very complete actor who of course sighs over and over again. His private life also catapulted him to world fame.

22 - Lewis Carroll

Carroll was a mathematician and photographer, but his fame stems from his work as a writer, especially because he was the author of the popular Alice in Wonderland and Alice through the mirror.

23 - Bruce Willis

The leftist Bruce Willis is one of the most profitable actors in the world: his films have more or less amassed three billion dollars.

His first major role was in Die hardand since then he has been cataloged as an action film actor. However, he excelled in films of various genres, such as: Pulp fiction, Twelve monkeys and The sixth Sense.

24 - Marilyn Monroe

The beautiful and talented actress had a fate similar to Einstein and Beethoven: her fame is so great, but so great that she transcends her work and is also an icon.

Many people know or recognize her without having seen even one of her films. And that's in large part due to its beauty and impressive sexual appeal.

25 - Franz Kafka

Kafka looked at the world like no one had seen it before, and that is why some situations are called "Kafkian" because of the lack of definition.

He was one of the great writers of the twentieth century, although almost all of his work was incomplete and was published post-mortem, thanks to his friend Max Brod.

26 - Mark Twain

One of the most popular writers, was a popular American author, public speaker, and humorist.

He wrote very successful works as The prince and the beggar O A Yankee in King Arthur's court, but he is best known for his novel The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and its continuation The adventures of Huckleberry Finn.

27 - Robert De Niro

The great and famous actor was distinguished by his dedicated roles from the 70s The godfather 2, taxi driver and Wild bull, among other masterpieces.

His wide range of characters has made him one of the best actors in history.

28 - Jim Carrey

The comedian started making simple films for the whole family, but over time he played dramatic and engaging roles, starting with the memorable one The Truman Show. Today he enjoys a respect few actors in Hollywood have.

29 - Charles Chaplin

The father of cinema, the genius of the seventh art, the artist who went beyond the screen and became a world icon of humor and social justice.

Chaplin was another left-handed man who changed the world. His films, including lights of the city, modern times and The childare unforgettable works that are already part of the history of cinema.

30 - Tom Cruise

This absolute star of the cinema is famous for his private life, but above all for a successful box office guarantee.

On top of that, it's a solid actor who has shown great versatility. The left-handed cruise is of course also a lover for several generations.