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Eret, son of Eret is a dragon rider from Berk and a former dragon catcher in the service of Drago Blutfaust.

Appearance [edit | Edit source]

Eret has light brown eyes and dark brown, relatively long hair, and is a fairly average Viking. He wears a red sleeveless fur garment, which is trimmed with white fur on the edges and in the middle, underneath a worn white sleeveless top and above a beige, thick and sleeveless fur vest. His forearm guards are made of dark brown leather straps that are wrapped around pieces of gray fur. Eret's boots are also covered with fur in the same color. Eret also wears dark blue trousers and a wide belt that is mostly covered by his fur vest. The metal pin of an owl, which is attached to his vest in front of his chest, is also striking. He also has a symmetrical tattoo, consisting of five lines, on his chin, and a large burn scar on his chest, made by Drago Blutfaust, which shows the coat of arms. This was done to Eret because he could not bring Drago to a dragon at the agreed time.

A year later, at the age of 26, Eret is an integral part of the village of Berk and has adapted his clothing for kite riding. His fur vest is now covered with bronze-colored shimmering scales and is held together at the chest by three dark red fabric straps, and his belt is now under instead of over the vest; it is colored black, regularly covered with brown leather elements and has a large, almost square silver belt buckle. Eret also wears dark brown forearm guards and brown shoulder plates, the right one with metal humps. His vest still has the metal owl badge on it.

Like every other sechn kite trainer Berks, Eret also owned a flight suit at this time, which in his case is green and brown in color.

Eret fights with two long, simple daggers, which he carries with him in leather and elaborately decorated sword scabbards. He has one attached to the left of his belt and the other at the back.

Character [edit | Edit source]

Eret speaks at the beginning of How to Train Your Dragon 2 as a capable and accordingly unscrupulous and brutal dragon catcher, it quickly becomes clear, however, that this is just an image that he wants to convey of himself. So he - also as a result of a brand that Drago inflicted on him because Eret could not meet his requirements - is conditionally afraid of his client and is almost happy that the Dragon Riders forced him to betray Drago.

Conversely, Eret joins the dragon riders and proves to be helpful and loving towards riders like dragons. He is also such a talented dragon rider that after the death of his father Haudrauf, Hicks entrusts him with his dragon Skullbreaker, who also seems to get along with Eret. Eret brought enormous knowledge about dragon hunting and numerous dragon catchers into the dragon rider group, which should prove to be very beneficial for them. Apart from that, Eret is polite and charming, but also has cynical and megalomaniac traits; presumably because of these characteristics he is a ruffnut swarm.

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