Dentist and claw doctor who threw rose

BLKÖ: Jovanović, Zacharias

 10.Zacharias (born in Mosorin in the Czajkist district around 1810, died in Vienna in November 1850), commonly under the name Cica known, one of the most famous Serb leaders, who used to be in imperial service, but left them when the Serbs rose against the Hungarians in 1848 and hurried to join his family. There he was in charge of the national armament, occupied the so-called Roman ramparts and brought in artillery. As in the days of Pentecost in 1848 Hrabowsky Karlowitz stormed and the Hungarian general tooth against Cica approached who at Jarek [285] waiting for the enemy in the entrenched camp, threw himself Cica on the Hungarian corps and fought them back. Without another weapon, only two pistols in his belt, in civil garb and a fez on his head, J. stood at the head of his family. The war had brought him no roses, he had lost all his fortune; then lived in poverty for some time in Titl, later in Vienna, where he ended his young existence in the hospital in need and poverty.