How to polish vh sle wheels

by: Hennat the:24.05.2014Very well processed grill. Everything fits perfectly and is easy to assemble
by: eKomiat the:07.05.2014Best grill I've ever had. No comparison to Weber. The Barbecue season is opened.
from: Dickat the:16.06.2013Excellent!
by: W.Woernerat the:25.05.2013Goods excellent and inexpensive. Communication very good, recommended
from: HHat the:08.05.2013The delivery was exemplary by a shipping company. Well informed by KochForm and shipping company.
It was easy to set up. We look forward to a great barbecue season
by: DagmarHat the:03.05.2013.... which will give us all pleasure. Delivery was exemplary (by a forwarding agency !!!). The grill was really easy to assemble, everything was high quality and suitable. A good decision against the "market leader". There are certainly also the little things that can influence a purchase decision, e.g. that the grill grate can be folded in the middle and thus can be cleaned much better in a bowl or put in the dishwasher. The foldable ceiling is also convincing. The chassis and the valuable overall design have already been adequately described.
from: Frank