Nh welfare fraud first offense - what happens

What happens & comma; if the police get you with a dressed scooter & quest;

I'm 15 and have got the moped test certificate now I have my scooter tuned to 90 km / h and have a sports exhaust attached to it what happens when the police catch me This is a criminal offense for driving without a driver's license. Motorcycle /

What happens & comma; when the police arrested the mop & quest;

Hello, I want to get a moped driver's license and wanted to ask what happens if I take a friend with me and the police stop me but I only have a 25! What happens then? Hallo allesklaf, with the test certificate for running a Mo

What happens & comma; when the police stop a scooter & quest;

Hey, I recently got a scooter. I have the 25er (moped) driver's license. So what if the police stop me? Thank you;)) First, look in the papers of the scooter to see what speed it is approved for. Then check them out

What happens & comma; when you smear testosterone ointment on your skin & quest; PUBERTY & quest;

Hello, So it is clear that testosterone (dht) promotes hair growth! But now here is this serious question: What happens if you put testosterone ointment on the face of a pubescent? His beard begins to grow stronger or faster

What happens & comma; if the police catch you with Polish bobs & quest;

I was ma in poland i got a couple of packs from böller what happens if i throw them on the street in germany and the police catch it. What are the consequences? This is a violation of the explosives law. A gentleman

What happens & comma; when the police get caught with my fried moped & quest;

Hey guys, I have a hot rod Puch Maxi S. It drives about 40-45 km / h. What if the police catch me? The moped is confiscated and they investigate why it is running so fast. You will receive a complaint about driving without a license (if d

What happens & comma; when the police find a 15-year-old with alk & quest;

Hello, because tomorrow is Halloween we wanted to move around the houses with Alk I (m / 15) and several friends who are all between 15 and 16 years old If the police check us and find alcohol on us, what do they do then? I think they take you

What happens & comma; when the police find drugs in my car & comma; of which I know nothing & quest;

For example, a "friend" hides coke in my car, but I don't know about it. The police find it a few days later. What happens then? For the contents of the vehicle is always! the vehicle owner and driver are responsible. There

What happens & comma; if the police are 15 years old while smoking & quest;

Hello, what would happen if police officers caught a 15 year old smoking? Since the young people and also the children look older than they are nowadays, the police will not approach every young smoker and everyone will be controversial

What happens & comma; when the police called and tore & quest; We were of course caught & comma; my question is & comma; what happens now & comma; social hours or prison & quest;

I am 18 years old. No criminal record or anything else Misuse of the emergency number is a criminal offense. Section 145 of the Criminal Code Misuse of emergency calls and impairment of accident prevention and emergency aid (1) anyone who intentionally or knowingly 1. emergency calls ode

What happens & comma; when the police stop me with tires & comma; but the car is not registered with me & comma; can I get another point & quest;

Question is above hope you can help me thank you in advanceWorn tires are only trumped in terms of danger by defective brakes. In my first years as a driver, I once had an accident due to worn tires in the wet, 4

Hi sorry in advance about the spelling & lpar; misspellings & rpar; Have nh questions & comma; what happens & comma; when the police caught a hot rod & quest;

Hi so the last time I drove across the street with my souped-up scooter was around 80 and without a license plate. then clearly what else the police .... wanted to stop me. I, given full throttle and got away, it was the first time now the question can do it now

What happens & comma; when the police see me on the e-bike at 50 kmh & quest;

What consequences could that have? then they will hardly find you. If so, then give the cordon back in. I can drive 50kmh without an emotor, or if the engine has already been limited.

What happens & comma; when the police get me with an aluminum baseball bat on Halloween & quest;

If you have a real baseball bat with you, it wouldn't be a problem as long as there is a baseball club near you. It would of course not be a problem if you just had it with you, since according to the gun law, a baseball bat is not considered

What happens & comma; if the police come to you and the personalities are hit with the reason & comma; that you made a mess here & lpar; which wasn't the case & rpar; & quest;

Is there a lot of trouble in a public place? Ha! A policeman did that to me once. I asked him for his personal details and told him I knew a good lawyer and would go through with it in court. The creep ha

I have a scooter 45 km & sol; h & period; If I add a 125cc CDI & comma; it will be 20 km & sol; h drive faster & period; What happens & comma; when the police get me & period; What are the people & quest;

Hello, in addition to what Rüdiger has already explained very well, I would like to point out once again that this is not a trivial offense with regard to the lack of a driving license, but a criminal offense. https://dejure.org/gesetze/StVG/21.html The possible consequences are

What happens & comma; when the police get caught with drugs & quest;

- I know Jemad in my circle of friends who takes drugs (splif or whatever it's called), and that makes him very aggressive (doesn't want to explain it anymore) and you make an anonymous testimony. What would happen to this person? This person would be considered stuff

What happens & comma; if the police give your address & comma; records the name and date of birth & quest;

As I said, the policeman wrote down my name, address and date of birth, but he didn't ask for my number, for example, but he called the switchboard briefly, I think it was, and then he says nothing special and is

What happens & comma; if the police is caught with a mop of the mosquito & lpar; what are the consequences & rpar; & quest;

that is being drawn in, there are already a few exotic species in the police museum. In addition, you will probably have to pay 20 euros.