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How can you hide your WhatsApp profile picture from certain contacts so that only the person cannot see it? In the meantime, WhatsApp has some functions that not only allow you to interact and chat with your friends, but you can also finally make some settings via the privacy settings, for example to limit visibility to the profile picture and status. But in the visibility list, next to “Everyone is public” you will only find “Nobody” and “Only friends / contacts”. Many people ask themselves, can you not make your profile picture visible to certain people without having to block them?

In this way, you cannot make your WhatsApp profile picture visible to certain people

In WhatsApp there is currently no way to hide your profile picture for certain contacts. However, there is a little trick you can use to make the photo not visible to certain people, provided the visibility in your settings is set to "Friends only".

  1. Open WhatsApp and navigate to “Data protection” via “Settings” and “Account”.
  2. Here you set the visibility to “My contacts” under “Profile picture”.
  3. Now you simply remove the person for whom you want to hide the profile picture from your address book.
  4. The contact will not be blocked and can still write you messages, but they will no longer receive updates from your profile picture.

Incidentally, this not only works for the picture in your profile but also for your status. So you can hide and hide your status for individual people. Are there other ways that you can hide the profile picture for certain users?