How to cut 1 piece of hair extensions

How to cut hair yourself without ruining the hairstyle

Probably everyone cut their own hair as a child. With the craft scissors, of course. Whereby the term “cut” is not entirely appropriate: The uneven hair lengths and adventurously jagged steps were more reminiscent of the worst mullet from the eighties. To avoid such trauma in adulthood, there is the hairdresser. But sometimes there is simply not enough time for that. Or it comes to you at home late at night that your hair has to be removed now and immediately. Can you do it yourself? You can if you follow a few tips.

The basic rules for cutting hair yourself

First of all, however, there are a few basic rules to be observed: The haircut should be reasonably simple and realistically realizable. Extremely long hair is better not right off the bat Pixie cut- Shortened length. For the micro pony and similar avant-garde cuts, as you regularly see on the catwalks at Maison Margiela or Alexander McQueen, one also prefers to go to a professional who has a perfect command of the craft. Also important: The hair should be cut when dry and of course with professional hair scissors. A fine-toothed comb and a spray bottle with water or are also helpfulLeave-in conditionerSpray to moisturize hair for a smooth, clean cut in between.

1. Cut tips yourself

Regular tip trimming is essential for beautiful, healthy hair. Because as soon as split ends form and the ends split, hair breakage is inevitable. The rule of thumb for a mane as long as Rapunzel is: one to two centimeters should be removed every six weeks.

And this is how it works: In front of the mirror, moisten your hair a little, brush it well and tie it in a ponytail in the middle at the top of the back of the head. Hold the end of the braid upwards with one hand while the other hand pulls the braid elastic towards the ends until you can still see an inch or two of hair. Keep the braid taut while the bottom piece is cut straight. For softer steps, then use the scissors to fray the tips vertically in short movements. Open the elastic band, shake your hair, done.

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For longer hair there is a second option: Use a handle comb to pull a middle part down to the nape of the neck, divide the hair in half and place it over the shoulders forwards. Now take the tips between your index and middle fingers and cut a straight line below them. Repeat on the other side and check in between that both halves are exactly the same length.

2. OneLong bob cut yourself

Those who are more daring go beyond the point of cutting and shorten a few more inches to the Praise, the abbreviation for long bob. This length of hair just brushes against the shoulders and collarbone, which looks extremely sexy. To do this, tie the hair in a ponytail at the nape of the neck and pull the elastic down a few levels until it sits at the desired bob length. Now cut the hair below the elastic in a line. The cut becomes a little softer if you bend your head down slightly and then apply the scissors at a 90 degree angle.

3. Trim the bangs yourself

The bangs should also be cut when dry, because: If you cut them wet as an amateur, the hair usually pulls unpredictably upwards. And nothing worse than a too short pony, unless a micro pony is expressly desired. This is how it works: Tie any hair away from the pony back tightly and pull the front section straight down with a comb. The following applies to the perfect pony length: The outer strands are approximately at the level of the outer corners of the eyes. The section of hair underneath is pinched between the index and middle fingers and frayed by the millimeter. Of course, with a little distance from the face, after all, the eyebrows should not be cut off. If you use the scissors at a 90 degree angle, the edge will also be nice and soft and slightly stepped.

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