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Culture and heritage

Do you know the difference between Karak and Kanafe? Would you rather have Lugaimat or rather Labneh? Dubai is known for its excellent international gastronomy, but of course the Emirati cuisine enjoys a very special place in the city. Visit one of the many Emirati restaurants and try the country's specialties. Here we introduce you to some popular Emirati delicacies.

Camel meat: This meat is served in different ways, for example with rice or in the form of burgers.

Dates: These are wonderfully sweet fruits that are often filled with other delicacies such as nuts.

Fouga deyay: It's a rice dish with grilled chicken and a marinade of Emirati spices.

Gahwa: This is a traditional Arabic coffee that is often served in a "dallah", a typical Arabic coffee pot.

Harees: This is crushed or ground and cooked wheat that is served mixed with meat and seasoned.

Kabsa: This is a dish made from Basmati rice and meat, flavored with saffron, nutmeg and other spices.

Karak chai: This is a black tea with spices that has its origin on the Indian subcontinent.

Luqaimat: These are sweet, sticky dumplings drizzled with date syrup.

Shorbat adas: It's a delicious, subtly spiced lentil soup that is often served as a starter.

Shuwaa: This is slow-cooked lamb with roasted nuts, raisins and rice, also known as "ouzi".