What sunglasses did Aristotle Onassis wear?

Which sunglasses did Jackie O. Wear wear?

Fashion icon and former first lady Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis was a sunglasses lover. She kept several in a large bowl by her front door and reached for a couple before walking out. Oversize sunglasses became their trademark and started a fashion trend called the "Jackie O" style. Jackie O. sunglasses were created by several world-famous designers.

credit: Siri Stafford / Photodisc / Getty Images Sunglasses in the storefront.

Nina Ricci 3203

The original Nina Ricci 3203 sunglasses were worn by Jackie O. in 1978 at a Robert F. Kennedy Pro Celebrity tennis tournament. The sunglasses had a square shape with a brown-brown frame, which was designed and manufactured in France by the L'Amy Company for designer Nina Ricci. A copy of the original Nina Ricci sunglasses debuted in 2010, called the Jackie "O" line, which offered six colors.

Francois Pinton Spa 2

French eyewear designer Francois Pinton made several sunglasses for Aristotle and Jacqueline Onassis in the late 1960s. One of the most popular frames designed for Jackie O. was called Spa 2. The design was a large, black plastic frame with a slightly oval shape. It had a black gradient lens.

Francois Pinton Jackie 1

The Jackie 1 sunglasses were designed by Francois Pinton especially for Jackie O over 50 years ago. The frame is a large, round turtle shell with a brown lens. These sunglasses are now sold with other classic models from the original Francois Pinton collection for Jackie O called Jackie 2 and Jackie 3 sunglasses.

Traction P711

French eyewear designer Pierre Marly sold several pairs of the Traction P711 sunglasses to Jacqueline Onassis in his Paris optician in 1967. Jackie O. bought one in black and two in turtle tones on her first visit. The Traction Company, which has been making sunglasses and glasses since 1927, still sells the popular P711 style sunglasses. The sunglasses are oversized plastic rounds with a black frame and dark black lens.

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