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How do you develop further?

How can you develop personally as a developer, beyond dealing with technologies, concepts and methods?

Continuous learning and regular training are part of everyday life for developers. As a rule, however, this is mainly limited to technologies, concepts and methods that have to do with software development. Of course, these are important and valuable topics - but they only represent one side of the coin.

The other side is often neglected. It includes the mindset, principles, practices and rules of how a developer should work, not only with software, but above all on oneself. At the native web, we are regularly asked how one can develop and what one can do to get better and to move forward in personal development.

24 principles, practices and rules

That is why we selected the 24 most important principles, practices and rules from our point of view for the Advent season last year and recorded videos. Advent seemed to be a good time to do this, as it tends to encourage people to look inward for once, and many people tend to pause, reflect and question themselves during this time.

Nevertheless, these topics are timeless, because personal development does not only take place in four weeks in December, but every day. Only those who continuously work on themselves and regularly take small steps will make great progress. And that's why the 24 principles, practices and rules are also a good start to the new year - as a kind of resolution.

The first video is integrated below, all other videos can be found in the complete playlist for the Advent Special 2020. I wish you lots of fun and success and look forward to your feedback!

Golo Roden

Golo Roden is the founder, CTO and managing director of the native web GmbH, a company specializing in native web technologies.

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