How do I reinstall Windows 8 Fujitsu

Constantin Skierka:

I need a valid W8 key to even load and burn an ISO.

No, you don't need to. I had posted the link on how to get an ISO for 8.1
can come.

This step has now worked, I will check at the weekend whether I can use it to set up the system again according to my wishes.

See also:

So the recovery partition is practically useless? The question arises, why is such a thing created at all ... enough memory for all sorts of Windows things is already lost anyway ...

It is of course not useless. It is a way for the average person to use the
To be able to restore the condition of the factory delivery. No matter how screwed up this one is
it's still better than not being able to work at all. But experience shows
that this state of affairs all too often torpedoes productive work. Nothing goes over
a clean reinstall.

And yes, I've learned from it ... I'll make images in the future, because I don't want to do anything to myself again for anything like that.

Here are some links. My favorite would be
Drive Snapshot:

If it shouldn't cost anything:
Backup & Recovery 2014 Free Edition
E.g. back up the Windows partition once a month after the patch day.

Why is it so unnecessarily complicated with ISO. That with W7 was great and totally simple: /

Download one of the Win 7 ISOs from Digital River with an OEM key
install was technically possible, but not in the sense of MS. MS saw that rather than

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