How to calculate the periods of a loan

Calculate loans - online loan calculator

Fulfilling wishes but no money? Then it is time for a loan or loan. Flexible loan calculations with our loan calculator straight to the point.

Loan calculator - be smart and do the math yourself

For a loan, the loan calculator optionally calculates the amount of the installments, the term, the maximum possible loan amount or the remaining debt. All payments for interest and repayment are clearly shown in the repayment schedule.

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Calculate the repayment schedule

The simple repayment plan calculator creates a repayment plan when the loan amount, interest rate and installment are known. The repayment schedule shows how the monthly installments are divided into interest and repayment.

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Credit Glossary

The glossary explains some important terms relating to credit and credit calculation.

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Extra: School holidays - holiday dates of the federal states

Treat yourself to a vacation! Take this into account in case you should take out a loan. Are you dependent on the school holidays? Here you will find the current vacation dates for all German federal states.

School holidays

Interest calculator for the investment

Would you like to save and invest capital once or regularly? To do this, you can flexibly calculate possible savings installments, final capital, term and interest rate with the interest calculator or the calculator for saving installments.

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