What does b.i.p mean when someone dies

Death also means change in your own part of life. Just think
fearless about what it can mean for you personally. Separation,
Exclusion, a new beginning .....
on 08/19/2014
Everything and all persons that appear in the dream are something in yourself. The dream processes feelings and fears, sometimes it does that very drastically, and it looks for pictures for the feelings.

If your mother appears in the dream, then your mother is not really meant. And if death occurs in a dream, then that is a drastic picture, for example, of the fear of losing someone. Also for the fear of change: because in the process you lose something that is no longer the same as it was before the change.

For example, if you are on the way to becoming an adult, then you "lose" your childhood and mom also gets a different meaning during puberty. You have to detach yourself and finally stand on your own two feet.
That also scares and it could be such a fear that the dream wants to process. Or: the parents often quarrel and the dream processes the fear that mom might leave the family.

The dream is not about your mother, it is about your feelings (i.e. fear of loss and change). Often death is even an image of something good: a healthy change from which something new grows. Fear does not speak against it (a small child is also afraid when it learns to walk: i.e. when it becomes a little more independent again).
on July 2nd, 2012
Janine72 (w 49)
Teacher, and housewife and mother.
it can be that you dream about things that come later. But drawing conclusions from this is difficult for me as a layman. how is your mother's health? perhaps a visit to the doctor is in order to prevent this terrible dream from coming true. something like this can also be an indication to take the necessary precautions.
on July 1st, 2012
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