What to say in Crushe's yearbook

For the sixth time, the companies represented in the Diaconal Conference Duisburg are presenting their readers' books on the previous financial year. In the current 2019 yearbook, the focus on the central topic of volunteering is new. All 20 stories arouse curiosity about volunteering, four of which do so with the corresponding photos on printed postcards that have now been distributed in the city. Stephan Kiepe-Fahrenholz, the managing director of the Diaconal Conference and Armin Schneider, the superintendent of the Evangelical Church District, invite you to read while reading about where volunteers are deployed and what they do in their hands. Why, for example, did a volunteer from the station mission have to spontaneously travel to Berlin without a suitcase? How did a lay judge come by a hair to a local appointment in the brothel? And why does the leader of the evangelical women's shelter want male volunteers of all people? You can find out all of this in the Diakonie yearbook. To this end, the editors looked a bit beyond the classic diaconal companies and also used experiences from the meeting and counseling centers and telephone counseling. There was room for almost twenty very different stories. Committed Duisburgers speak up, show (with one exception) their faces and tell exciting stories from their everyday volunteer work. The importance of volunteers for diaconal companies and also for the congregations is growing continuously. And the possible uses are increasing accordingly. In the meantime, the first voluntary emergency chaplains are being trained for use in Duisburg. How the honorary volunteers are qualified for their tasks, whom they need for support and what keeps them personally involved is also the subject of the interviews, reports and reports.
Current figures on the diaconal fields of work complement the clear information offered in the yearbook. Diakonie currently has around 800 volunteers and volunteer workers at its 116 locations in Duisburg. There are 6 500 employees subject to social security contributions. Together they are there for people in a wide variety of life and problem situations and make around 16,000 consultations and 120,000 outpatient help possible per year.
Volunteer work extends to the roots of Western culture, says Superintendent Schneider in his foreword. The yearbook contains many suggestions for how one can actively support such a culture in a way that is close to one's neighbor.

In the Diaconal Conference Duisburg, 15 diaconal companies that have their headquarters in Duisburg are represented by their management, board members and directors. The members advise on fundamental questions of evangelical welfare in Duisburg, agree on their common socio-political issues and interests, but also on questions of quality and organizational development, regularly seek discussions with the politically responsible and elected representatives and express themselves publicly on essential issues of Social policy, health care, child and youth policy and immigration policy. And they encourage new diaconal projects. One is the yearbook of Diakonie Duisburg, which is now being published for the sixth time.



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