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Forget Bill Gates: They really are the richest people in the world

Bill Gates can only be jealous: The richest person in world history comes from Germany and had about five times as much coal as Bill Gates. Around 400 billion dollars was his fortune, which he earned as a banker all over Europe.

$ 400 billion: The richest person in the world

High risk, a huge network of friends and allies and working all day: With this recipe for success, Jakob Fugger from Augsburg made it to the richest person in the world. His fortune amounts to the equivalent of 400 billion dollars, explains Greg Steinmetz in the book "The Richest Person in World History". Jakob Fugger and his family were real revolutionaries around 1500, from today's perspective their story is strongly reminiscent of Apple founder Steve Jobs. Both were not only masterminds, but also created a system that you cannot escape from. Anyone who has ever had an iPhone knows that they will not be able to escape the Apple empire any longer. After all, all of the music is on iTunes, the photos in iCloud and iMessage are only available for Apple devices.

From a small bank to a billion-dollar company

It all started with small banking business: the Fuggers lent money and did good business with the interest. They also lent money to emperors and bishops, who used it to finance their court and wars, among other things. However, the Fuggers were the first to have dared to reclaim the money from the emperor and other nobles. Those who could not pay had to accept the Fugger's terms and conditions and were dependent on them: The Augsburg company demanded exclusive mining rights, permits for monopolies and other special permits. The Fugger family made a billion after the other by mining silver and copper, trading coins, lending money and trading in spices.

The Rothschild family competes with Fuggern

Nobody came close to Jakob Fugger's gigantic fortune. Only the Rothschild family almost made it at the beginning of the 20th century. With banking, the Rothschilds have built a huge empire and the world's largest bank, making them one of the most influential people in Europe in the 19th and 20th centuries. The Rothschilds' bank still exists today and has specialized in investment and asset advice.

Rockefeller: The First Billionaire in the United States

John D. Rockefeller made his fortune with the "black gold": He profited like no other from the oil boom in the USA in the 19th century and is still today one of the prime examples of the "American Dream". American dishes smashed the petroleum empire, but the Rockefeller family is still one of the richest today.

The steel tycoon Carnegie

Andrew Carnegie is considered the richest person of his time and raked in the equivalent of more than 300 billion US dollars. In 1848 he emigrated from Scotland with his family to the USA, where he worked his way up in the railway company. He invested in steel corporations that were shortly before their heyday. Through skillful management, Carnegie managed to make the companies some of the most successful of their time. On the side, he really cashed in on it, sold almost everything to J.P. Morgan, and then retired.

With cars to a billionaire

"Cheaper than the competition" - with this claim, Henry Ford made the big breakthrough at the beginning of the 20th century. With the introduction of assembly line production, the 8-hour day and a profit sharing of his employees, he built up a gigantic auto company. In 1908 a car was still costing $ 850, after the introduction of assembly line production, the price dropped to $ 300. With that, a lot of people could afford a Ford and the company grew pretty quickly in a short period of time. With a fortune of nearly $ 200 billion, Henry Ford is the fifth richest person of all time.

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