Shaq whatever face emoticon

Emojis have become an integral part of our text messages. In this way, the small pictures can make it clear how what is typed is to be understood. When we write, we lack facial expressions, which is why smileys do them for us. But not all of them are as harmless as the smiling yellow stick figure face 🙂

Who determines what our emojis look like?

Emojis are, in fact, a highly official matter. The Unicode consortium in the USA decides which ones are allowed and defines certain framework conditions as to how the pictures should look. A company cannot just come along and introduce a new emoticon, everything here has to take its bureaucratic course. Even if a new emoji triggers a controversy, it must be discussed in the Unicode consortium and a decision has to be made as to whether and how the respective emoticon is changed or perhaps even deleted completely. Don't offend anyone! It's hard to believe, but the need for discussion is actually very great. There are always controversies and public debates about the small, colorful pictures.

For example, the pistol emoticon 🔫 was converted into a water pistol by Apple in 2016 in response to acts of violence perpetrated with firearms. Shortly before this, the company had already successfully campaigned against the introduction of rifle emoticons by the Unicode consortium - which in turn called the gun lobby on the scene 💣. Another problem with the gun emoji was that it was repeatedly used for hate postings and messages, such as threats.

Puke 🤮, feces 💩 and copulation

The background to the controversy is not always so serious. It was only at the end of last year that the new WhatsApp emojis caused trouble because many users found them ugly. In addition, some people take offense at the vomiting smiley or the pile of poop 💩 - although they save you a lot of typed words. Presumably these emoticons horrify the older generation. A puke emoji can sometimes say more than a thousand words in response to a message ...

Emoticons to which any sexual meaning can be assigned are also repeatedly viewed as "controversial". For example, some people recognize an eggplant a penis and a peach 🍑 a bum. This can tempt (mainly pubescent boys) to use the fruits to send lewd messages that are not always wanted by the recipient (mainly young girls).

So the colorful pictures are not as harmless as you might think 🤣. Open your eyes when choosing emoji!

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