What color are Peter Capaldi's eyes

The thing with the eye color ...

In all honesty, I didn't know what color my eyes were for a long time. For the first 20 years of my life, I thought they were brown. Simply because everyone always said that (don't ask me why) and I never saw the need to stand so close to the mirror that I could check. At some point I took a closer look and thought “HE! They are not brown at all, but ... uh ... well ... "

Somehow they were everything and nothing. Basically blue-gray, but with lots of brown spots and a green ring around the iris. From then on, whenever I was asked about the color of my eyes, I said either “all” or “none” - depending on my mood (glass half full - glass half empty).

During a stay abroad, I once complained - I don't know how we came up with it - to a Canadian woman that I was sorry (“Boo, I don't have the right eye color!”) And she said: “You have what we’d call hazel eyes. ". And I: “But they are not brown. Look! ”Whereupon she informed me that hazel has nothing to do with "hazelnut", but in English the term for eye colors is just that mixed color - preferably a mixture of brown and green - as I have it - and apparently Kelly Clarkson too. Well, I think in the "right" hazel-Definition has no place in blue, but be it, it varies for me anyway depending on the incidence of light.

Eye products for hazel eyes So are not for brown eyes, but for brown-green mishmash eyes. That's why this one L’oreal eyeliner (luminizer) is also 1) for both hazel as well as brown eyes available and 2) for hazel Available in a mixed color such as purple - although the others are more or less the equivalent of the corresponding eye color.

A little anecdote at the end: When I renewed my ID (before going abroad), the nice person from the registration office asked me about the color of my eyes.

Me: "I don't know exactly, have a look."
He (looks): "Yes, they are ... uh ... well ..."

Now my personal details say “blue-gray-brown” (he probably didn't want to exaggerate with the colors). And that's only because we don't have a word for in German hazel to have.