What is my signature fragrance


Out of love for fragrances was founded in 2000, because Georg R. Wuchsa was one of the first to recognize the possibilities offered by an online presentation. At that time it was hard to imagine offering the finest luxury products on the Internet in times of the free and cheap culture that still prevailed at that time. For many this was frowned upon or simply unimaginable. The foresight of Georg R. Wuchsa to take the step anyway laid the foundation for a healthy, growing and prosperous company, as it is for the LOVE OF FRAGRANCE today. In 2016, a strong alliance was forged with the company Nägele & Strubell, which - in addition to 12 other stationary shops in Austria - includes the well-known boutiques Le Parfum and Kussmund in Vienna. With combined forces, we will continue to do everything in the future to offer you only the best from the world of fragrances and beauty. FOR THE LOVE OF FRAGRANCE, the original is and remains, even if there are many imitators. We are proud of that, and we say that too.
Since 2016, Aus Liebe zum Fragrances has been the official partner of Nägele & Strubell.

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