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A true sun also shines at night!

Something that you love with all your heart should be let free, when it comes back it is yours forever, if not, it has never been yours.

Never love someone you hate, but never hate someone you loved.

Nothing is like new clothes, nothing like old people.

The bliss of a moment extends life and 1000 years.

Never love someone you've forgotten, but never forget someone you've loved.

There is no defense against love, as the poets say. Love can at most bring happiness, but it can also destroy you.

The mind doesn't know what the heart wants.

Love is ... thinking you couldn't live without the other until you are taught better.

Man's life lasts a generation, his name ten thousand.

The tree that does not bloom in spring does not bear fruit in autumn.

Longing is the emotional connection between reality and utopia.

It is a feeling of supreme happiness to feel the warmth and affection of another.

Opportunities are like sunrises; if you wait too long, you will miss them.

If you move an old tree, you make it wither.

People are the only narrative form to believe in love. (E. Drewermann)

Anyone who has a why to live can endure almost every how. (F. Nietzsche)

Those who know others are wise, those who know themselves are wise: those who have defeated others have strength; The one who conquers himself is strong. (Tao-te-king)

You cannot extend your life - only deepen it. Not more years to life, but more life to years. Don't count life by days and years. Count the hours since the angel touched you.

The mother said to the child whose cat has died: If we get involved in loving, then we must also get involved in farewells. Didn't we want to love or be loved just to avoid saying goodbye !?

If you want to improve someone, you first have to respect them.

Never speak evil of a person if you don't know for sure! And when you know for sure, ask yourself: Why am I telling you.

A problem is half solved when it is clearly formulated.

Most people in the world would be happy if they were as badly off as the Germans.

Many people use the money they don't have to buy things they don't need, to impress people they don't like.

Because God could not be everywhere, He created mothers.

There is only one sign of wisdom: a good mood that lasts.

The only way to have time is to take your time.

Quarrel is an ungrateful being, so let's live in love.

Enjoy life all the time because you are dead longer than alive.

Happiness is the only thing that doubles when you share it.

Old one becomes a child again.

There are two things that are infinite. The universe and human stupidity! But I'm not sure about space yet! - A.Einstein

The more precisely you plan, the harder it will hit you.

On the way up, be nice to people. On the way down you will meet them all again.

The only person in the world you can hate is the one you love. Because only he can really hurt you.

A smile doesn't cost anything so give it to everyone.

Happiness is rarely something you experience, it is usually something you remember.

Every minute you spend in anger, you miss 60 happy seconds.

Don't cry because it's over, but smile because it was nice.

If you want to change something that you cannot change, change your mind about it.

A gift is worth just as much as the love with which it was chosen.

Kindness can lure a snake out of its cave.

What does not kill me, makes me stronger.

Very often the reunion is only the right separation.

The fact that women have the last word is based solely on the fact that men can no longer think of anything.

Don't forget: every cloud, as black as it may be, also has its sunny side.

Laughing and smiling are gates and gates through which a lot of good things can slip into people.

To get to the source you have to swim against the current.

Many moments grow on the tree of life. Each and every one of them is precious.

Tell the bad times: nothing stays as it is. Tell the beautiful moment: forever lasts the longest.

I don't know if it will get better if it is different, but I know that if it is to get better it has to be different.

Happiness is a matter of the moment, only idiots are always happy.

Jealousy arises from a lack of trust - not in others, but in yourself.

Careless words cause so much harm because others are still thinking about them while you have long since forgotten them yourself.

The beginning and the end of a love are heralded by the fact that one is afraid to be alone with the other.

Every woman would like to be loyal. The only difficult thing is to find the man to be loyal to.

Believe in miracles, love and happiness. Look ahead, never look back. Do what you want and stand by it, because only you live this life!

Dream you would live forever, live like you would die tomorrow.

To be able to wait is an art, an even greater art to expect nothing.

One can only see well with the heart, the essential is invisible to the eyes!

Do not wait for the big miracle, otherwise you will miss the many small ones.

Only those who change remain true to themselves.

He who does not love who does not regard the mistakes of the beloved as virtues.

You shouldn't want to be loved where you don't love.

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If the man is in charge and the woman is in charge, then there is a good marriage.

Man alone is imperfect. He needs a second to be happy.

You have to love people if you want to change them.

A flower needs sun to become a flower. A person needs love to become a person.

Two hearts that are one tear down a mountain.

If you look up, you don't see any boundaries.

You have to have grown old, i.e. lived a long time, to realize how short life is.

In any case, life is too short to be annoyed permanently. (Gerald Drews)

Anyone who retains the ability to see beautiful things will never grow old.

The greatest adventure in life is life itself.

Is one able, even if one has to stand on the edge of the abyss, to see hope?

Life is a wonderful event. And that - !! Free !!

There has to be a better afterlife, otherwise the sunset wouldn't be so beautiful.

A little human kindness is better than any love for humanity.

Love represents that binding energy that raises the ego most passionately and gives it powers in relation to another that it has never felt in itself before.

The wiser and better a person is, the more good he will notice in people.

If you never allow yourself to be taken, you will not give anything to anyone.

Remember, it doesn't take much to live a happy life.

The real horror is mostly hidden behind the mask of the normal.

Better a short life of joy than a long one in agony.

The only way to get rid of temptation is to give in to it.

If you want to swim against the current, you have to be able to swallow a lot.

Whoever wants to be from tomorrow today only achieves that he is the day after tomorrow from yesterday.

Whoever has a spirit certainly also has the right words, but whoever has words does not yet have the necessary spirit.

Anyone who postpones something from one day to the next has certainly postponed it from yesterday to today.

Practice more patience in the little things, then life will be better.

In the moment of despair, what counts is not what is right and what is wrong, but what helps us to go on living.

To err is human. However, portraying people's aberration as human or not admitting it is inhuman.

Only memory has to reveal to us, the blessing that fate has given us, we only ever know that we were happy, but that we are happy, we never know.

If you want peace, then you have to prepare for war. But if you prepare for war, you destroy the peace.

The two greatest tyrants on earth: chance and time.

Experience is the reward of pain.

Ignorance is sometimes a gift that only the knower can appreciate.

You should either go to heaven as fallen or walk on earth as conquerors.

The true strength of a warrior is not shown in his body, but in his mind.

Keep your friends close, but your enemies even closer.

Single deaths are tragedies, millions of deaths are statistics.

Probability is just another term for fate and destiny.

A true word is not beautiful, a beautiful word is not true.

Illusions are often important to keep life worth living. Illusion and reality are often only separated by a very thin barrier. But if this barrier is broken, the construct crumbles into a heap and what remains is mostly pain and suffering.

You can't force someone to love you, but you can be a person you can love.

Paths are made by walking them.

With a little skill you can build a staircase out of the stones that are placed in your path.

Man has three ways to act wisely. First, by thinking: this is the noblest. Second, by imitation: this is the easiest. Third, through experience: this is the bitterest.

One should not fear death, but that one will never begin to live.

Children should get two things from their parents: roots and wings.

Arrogance is the art of being proud of your own stupidity.

You can't overtake anyone if you follow in their footsteps.

The frog in the well has no idea of ​​the vastness of the sea.

The quieter you are, the more you can hear.

It is difficult to recapture spilled water.

Love usually dies from the little mistakes that were so delightful at the beginning.

Whoever has the fools against him deserves trust.

Who I am sadly greets who I want to be.