Carolina used tires wholesale

Only at monstertyres do you set the price for the used tires yourself

This is our model company in Bergisch Gladbach on approx. 500 m².
As the most innovative car tire exporter, monstertyres has the first price system in the world that automatically determines the right price for used tires. We are a tire collection company for used and worn car tires in Germany. monstertyres collects these tires from car workshops and petrol stations. We export the tested and reusable used tires and casings all over the world. About 30% of the collected tires are delivered by monstertyres to other companies for processing. The rest is exported as used tires.

The more tire sizes you buy, the cheaper it is.

All you have to do is buy the tires or casings that we can deliver from Germany. You pay the least if you take a complete mixed delivery of used car tires (contingent). The more tires you choose, the cheaper the used tire price will be. We think it's fair if you pay more for tires that you can sell very profitably. You can see exactly how this works in the Prices menu.
On the left you can see a precise tire check at the customer's. On the right an interior view of our camp.

monstertyres only sells mixed supplies of car tires

We call a complete mixed delivery of car tires a contingent. We only deliver to customers who can buy many of the tire sizes that are "popular" with us in Germany. We are a tire collection company and we can only sell the tires that we collect! With us you can not only buy 3 or 4 tire sizes and also not 100 tire sizes, which are rarely found in our market.

All available tire mixtures (contingents) are here

In our prices menu you will find all available tire compounds. Here you can also calculate the price for the tire compound you want.

Which used tires and casings are you looking for?

We only do wholesale. For a good cooperation it is important for us to see which tire sizes are important to you. Our Monty will help you as a funny assistant when you start a used tire inquiry.

Can I see the used tires?

Yes, you can have a look at the tires when you send us a tire inquiry AND when we both think it can be an interesting business. For us this means: we are happy to invite customers who can buy used tires that we want to deliver: mixed deliveries of car tires. Car tires that are available in Germany and here.

Our used tires are only available in Bergisch Gladbach / Germany

The head office of monstertyres is located in the TechnologiePark Cologne / Germany, which is conveniently located. Our used tire warehouse is located in Bergisch Gladbach / Germany. A detailed description of the route to our head office can be found on our website or you can plan the route easily and conveniently with Google maps. We will give you the address of our tire warehouse when we invite you.

We only sell well-controlled car tires from Germany

Our experience in the tire trade goes back to 1989. All car tires are well-checked car tires in perfect condition, visually inspected. All tires are checked by our customers in Germany according to our high quality standards. We do not sell or export used tires. We only sell tested used tires. We dispose of used tires in Germany, sort these used tires and only sell those used tires and carcasses that meet our high quality standards. You can see what this standard looks like in the prices. All car tires and casings are sorted according to the requirements of the respective customers and markets.

We speak German, English and many languages

As an international trading company, we guarantee German and English as the business language. For all other languages ​​on our website we very often have an employee with us. However, sometimes we have to have other languages ​​translated. We cannot answer such inquiries quite so quickly.

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Our employees are also excited about something personal. Write here everything you like - or not.

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6 feedbacks:
moi c'est jules M. je suis ravi de faire le business avec Monstertyres. c'est qui m'a beaucoup intéressé ce:

* l'accueil chaleureux de toute l'équipe de Monstertyres (Maria ingeles et ses collegues)
* la spontanéité des échanges par mail et au téléphone
* le serieux in cette entreprise
* les meilleurs prix par rapport aux catégories des tires

Me dio mucho gusto trabajar con ustedes, una compañía de confianza y son responsables, una compañía seria, y gente amable. Y el dinero que sobró de la transferencia me lo devolvieron completo. Mucha gracias monstertyres.

Its been a pleasure to conduct business with monster tires over the past three years. The sizes and the quality of their tires are great and they offer a good value for your money. Maria Inglese is very professional, patient and easy to work with, she is always available to assist and she ensures that every transaction goes well. It is my hope that our business relationship with your company will continue to grow and prosper. I highly recommend Monster Tires as a great source for used tires.

I found Monster Tires through a search on internet. Thought of visiting them as the website looked very thorough n professional with all the important details required by one. I called them and made an appointment for a visit. Shortly, my visit was fruitful and we agreed to place our first container with them. In next week We agreed on our terms and the work started. The company is professional with on-time deliveries and, importantly, the bundling process is very efficient. Also, the team was fast and on time on loading the container within the allotted time. Their warehouse supervisor is an understanding man and very efficient. I would definetly recommend him for promotions. The quality I ordered was higher and they delivered the same.
Maria, the sales manager is quite understanding n professional. Had a good email n telephonic conversations with her. She is patient and lists to all the issues raised. She knows her job well. Further to mention is Gabriel. The young man is a thorough gentleman.
A very important thing to mention is their handling of finances paid by buying party. One can count on them as any extra payment is immediately returned in a professional manner.
Eckehard, the boss is one man to have conversation. He runs the company in a professional way and thats the reason the company stands where it is now. He is professional and very understanding gentleman.
I am looking forward for a long term business relationship with them. They satisfy the customer for all his concerns. Keep up the good work.


I`m from Romania I`m in the tires business, everytime when i buy tires I buy from Monster Tires because is a very seriously company. When my father was in Germany he was also very satisfied because Maria Inglese had the patience to show him in detail all their services. We are also satisfied about the quality of the tires (uniform tradewear, tires are in pairs that thing is very good because is time saving, you have many choices to buy 3,4mm tires, 3 to 8mm tires, 4 to 8mm tires and theirs minimal qty is around 100pcs not like from another places were is 1000 ...). Of course, the short time delivery is another advantage. I pesronally can t wait to buy this month again from them.