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Class work - essay

Write a process description for making a wind chime (mobile).
Use the following information:

old newspapers, 4-5 different colored sheets of construction paper, 1 pencil, 1 scissors, glue,
1 black felt pen, two wooden kebab skewers, approx. 90 cm perlon thread, 1 ruler,
possibly 1 hole punch, 1 hook that does not have to be doweled and 1 hammer
- Draw the figure on clay paper and cut it out
- Attach nylon threads to kebab skewers
- Tie construction paper figures to the nylon threads
- Put a hook in the ceiling
- Attach the wind chime
How to make a mobile yourself
Wind chimes embellish children's rooms or windows, but are often very expensive if you want to buy something nice in a shop. Even handicrafts are perhaps not quite as artistic, but usually look more individual and can therefore be an excellent gift, e.g. B. if you make a fish mobile for an aquarium owner. So that the mobile, which is also called the wind chime, hangs evenly from the ceiling and can move, you should follow a manual.
The material required for a small and simple mobile is:
old newspapers, 4-5 different colored sheets of construction paper, 1 pencil, 1 scissors, glue,
1 black felt pen, two wooden kebab skewers, about 90 cm perlon thread, 1 ruler, possibly.
1 hole punch, 1 hook that does not need to be dowelled and 1 hammer.

First you should have a large work surface, e.g. For example, look for the dining table, which you lay out with old newspapers so that nothing gets dirty or scratched. Then you draw the outline of a fish on a sheet of construction paper with a pencil and cut it out with scissors. This template serves as a template for three other differently colored fish. Then 6 fish scales are drawn and cut out on each color sheet, three of which are glued to one side of the fish so that the fish shows scales on both sides. It is advisable to choose the scales of a different color than the fish, so that it looks nicer. In addition, you must not forget to use the felt pen to draw a black point on each side of the fish as eyes.
Now the kebab skewers are used, the pointed end with a good pair of scissors
is pinched off and one of the skewers must be exactly in the middle. B. with a ruler
finds out to be shared. Two pieces each 15 cm long are cut from the nylon thread and tied to the ends of the large stick. The free ends of the threads must then be knotted exactly in the middle of the small rods. Here, too, it is important to find the exact center with the ruler so that the greyhound hangs straight afterwards. At each of the four ends of the smaller skewers, 15 cm long nylon threads, which have been measured and cut off, are attached. These four loose ends are now passed through a small hole that has been poked in the middle of the paper fish back with the scissors. A hole punch can also be used for the holes, but in most cases the holes are then too big and no longer look nice. The colorful fish are tied to the threads. Now you can cut a piece of thread about 30 cm long and knot it in the middle of the large double crochet. When the mobile is lifted on this cord, all rods should hang horizontally. If this is not the case, you can balance the balance by moving the cords in the middle of the three sticks.
Finally, use a hammer to hit a hook that does not need to be dowelled into the ceiling or the lintel and hang the wind chime on it by tying the long nylon thread to the hook. Possibly you have to check the balance of the mobile again.
Not only anglers will be happy about this beautiful gift. But beware! If the mobile is given away at a party, it can happen that the hobbyist suddenly has to make a lot of such wind chimes because all the guests like it so much. Then it is advisable to simply pass on these instructions instead of tinkering all of them yourself.