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Flowers and their meanings: this is what every plant stands for

Plants are perhaps the most popular gift of all. Whether cut flowers, spring bloomers or even house plants - we love to make others (or ourselves) a little happy with plants. Each plant has its own meaning. It is not called for nothing: "Say it through the flower".

In addition, flowers are one of the most popular tattoo motifs. In the search for the perfect tattoo, of course, you cannot ignore the meaning. After all, you want to choose something that suits you.

We'll tell you the meanings behind the most popular flowers, spring bloomers and even houseplants.

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Flowers and their meanings: rose

The rose has had a strong symbolic power for centuries. Above all, it is seen as a symbol of love. In fact, however, the meaning of the rose is closely related to its color. Red roses therefore stand for love and passion. Pink roses symbolize a young love or infatuation, but also youth and beauty.

White roses represent eternal love and purity. Yellow roses, on the other hand, symbolize fun, friendship or gratitude - unless they are given away within a relationship. Then they can also stand for infidelity. Orange roses, on the other hand, symbolize satisfaction and happiness.

Flowers and their meanings: Carnation

The meaning of the carnation has changed over time and also differs in different cultures. In the countries of the former USSR, carnations stand for resistance, justice, but also solidarity.

In many western countries, however, the meaning has changed. Here carnations are equated with roses in their meaning. The exact symbolism then also depends on the color of the carnation, just like with roses.

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Flowers and their meanings: tulip

The meaning of tulips is also closely related to their color. White tulips can therefore stand for transience, but also for endless love. Red and pink tulips also both represent love, in one case a passionate one, in the other a young one.

Yellow tulips, on the other hand, symbolize joy and zest for life. Purple tulips stand for love at first sight, but also for modesty. A colorful mix of tulips should express joy of life and zest for action. Therefore, a tulip mix is ​​often given away for a birthday or for recovery.

Flowers and their meanings: hydrangea

Hydrangeas have many small, fine flowers that combine to form an imposing flower. It is therefore not for nothing that the imposing flowers stand for admiration and respect. In a negative sense, the hydrangea can even stand for vanity.

Flowers and their meanings: freesia

Freesias not only smell heavenly, they also have an enchanting meaning. The filigree flower symbolizes tenderness. White freesias also stand for loyalty and unconditional love. They are therefore particularly popular as gifts at weddings.

Flowers and their meanings: calla

Callas symbolize immortality. White callas are therefore often given away at funerals. You can also give Callas away as a gift. In this case, the graceful flower symbolizes elegance, beauty and also recognition.

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Flowers and their meanings: peony

Peonies are one of the most popular cut flowers. They stand for beauty, wealth, honor and happiness.

Flowers and their meanings: dahlias

Dahlias are one of the most impressive flowers with their lush blossoms. They therefore symbolize luxury and strength. However, as with roses, their meaning is closely linked to their color. Red dahlias symbolize love and deep affection. Yellow dahlias, on the other hand, stand for gratitude and happiness and white for purity.

Flowers and their meanings: sunflowers

Its name and its appearance already give it away: The sunflower naturally stands for the sun! It radiates joy and warmth and is therefore often associated with charity.

Flowers and their meanings: gerberas

The gerbera stands for appreciation, sincerity and friendship. Anyone who gives away a gerbera pays the recipient a compliment: "Everything is more beautiful with you".

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Flowers and their meanings: lily

With their large flowers and strong scent, lilies are some of the most impressive flowers. Those who give away lilies express their respect. However, lilies also symbolize purity, love and dignity. Not least because of this, lilies are also given away at funerals. The white lily comes into play here, as it also stands for light and hope at the same time.

Flowers and their meanings: anemone

Anemones show up when the snow has melted. Presumably, this is the origin of their importance. Anemones symbolize expectation and hope. However, they only bloom for a short time and therefore also represent impermanence.

Flowers and their meanings: ranunculus

Ranunculus comes in many different, cheerful colors. In addition, its bloom gives the flower a very special look. The ranunculus therefore clearly stands for joie de vivre, but also for grace and uniqueness.

Flowers and their meanings: poppy

Poppies are undoubtedly beautiful, but their meanings are not necessarily positive. Since opium poppy can be processed into opium, a narcotic, poppy often symbolically represents temptation, but also sleep, forgetting and even death.
In the language of flowers, however, it has become established that poppies are given away when you want to give consolation to the recipient.

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Flowers and their meanings: Iris

The iris, often also called the iris, symbolizes good news. The goddess Iris from Greek mythology was the goddess of the rainbow and a messenger of the gods. This established the meaning that the iris stands for a message. However, the iris is also considered a symbol of creativity and loyalty.

Flowers and their meanings: gladiolus

The name gladiolus is derived from the Latin word "gladius", which freely translated means "sword". The impressive flower therefore stands for strength of character, victory and pride. In ancient Rome, gladiators who won a fight were showered with gladioli.
However, the gladiolus has an even gentler meaning, because centuries ago the gladiolus also expressed a strong love.

Flowers and their meanings: amaryllis

The amaryllis, with its strong style and splendid cupcules, symbolizes grace and pride. Those who give them away are expressing their admiration. The flower is said to have got its name from a Greek Amazon. The Amazon Amaryllis is said to have drilled a dagger into her heart out of unfulfilled love. When her blood fell to the ground, the magnificent red flower is said to have grown at this point.

Flowers and their meanings: daisies

Daisies are generally more likely to be given away by children who have picked them themselves in a meadow. Still, the small flowers have a strong meaning. Daisies symbolize strength, constancy, love, humility and, fittingly, childlike innocence.

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Flowers and their meanings: primrose

"Primula" means "the first" in Latin. The flower gets its name from the fact that it is the first among the spring bloomers. Even with snow and ice, the first colorful primroses appear. Primroses let in the sun and lightness, if you will.

Flowers and their meanings: daffodil

Narcissus was the son of a god and a nymph. He was so vain that he fell in love with his own reflection in a river, in which he then drowned. Daffodils therefore also stand for vanity and self-love.
However, since daffodils are also known as daffodils, they have a second meaning. They also stand for resurrection, vitality and the power to overcome even death. Thanks to their cheerful look, daffodils also symbolize happiness.

Flowers and their meanings: Tagetes

The marigold is also known as the dead flower. The flower originally comes from Latin America, where it blooms in autumn. Just in time for Mexican Day of the Dead. On this day the living remember the dead and the dead are supposed to leave their graves to celebrate with the living. The lively orange is the color of the dead and the orange marigold should not be missing. It adorns graves, tables for gifts for the dead and entire cities and villages. With its splendor of flowers and its strong scent, it should show the deceased the way back.

Flowers and their meanings: hyacinth

According to legend, purple hyacinths grew on the spot where Hyacinthos died. He was the son of the King of the Spartans and died in an accident with the god Apollo. Hyacinths were very much appreciated, especially since they used to be a rarity in Europe and at the beginning only rich people could keep hyacinths.
Hyacinths therefore symbolize recognition, pride and power. At the same time, however, it is also often used as a symbol of affection and peace.

Flowers and their meanings: chrysanthemum

The meaning of the chrysanthemum is closely related to color. White chrysanthemums are often used in grave arrangements. They symbolize sadness but also bliss. Yellow chrysanthemums, on the other hand, stand for luck, red for love and blue for loyalty.

Flowers and their meanings: aster

"Astrum" comes from Latin and means "star". The aster owes its name to its star shape. You reveal your wishes to the stars, so the aster also symbolizes a wish. However, since the aster is also a flower of autumn, it also stands for age and expresses respect and esteem.

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Flowers and their meanings: snapdragons

Snapdragons already have a belittling in their name. These flowers look particularly delicate. They symbolically stand for trust and keeping secrets.

Flowers and their meanings: orchids

The orchid is undoubtedly a special and exotic beauty. Those who give them away also express admiration for the beauty of the recipient. However, it also symbolizes longing and passion.

Flowers and their meanings: jasmine

Jasmine is characterized by delicate, white flowers and a bewitching scent. The plant symbolizes purity, modesty, but also strength.

Flowers and their meanings: ivy

Ivy is evergreen and can live for hundreds of years. So it is not for nothing that this plant symbolizes eternal life and is therefore often used on graves. However, ivy also represents love and loyalty. Tristan and Isolde fell in love, although they weren't allowed to. As a punishment, the two were buried on different sides of a church. But according to legend, ivy climbed up from the two graves, grew over the church and finally connected the two again.

Flowers and their meanings: lavender

Lavender has charmed people with its scent for centuries. In the Middle Ages, people even believed that lavender could save them from the plague. Fainted ladies were awakened by the scent of lavender. Perhaps because of its characteristic scent that will never be forgotten, lavender symbolizes memory.

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Flowers and their meanings: azalea

Azaleas in the pot express the steadfastness of the recipient. However, they also symbolize trust and happiness.

Flowers and their meanings: hibiscus

The hibiscus comes from Southeast Asia, where it has a strong symbolic power. There hibiscus stands for determination, wealth and fame. Hibiscus is the state flower of Hawaii. The delicate flower is the symbol of kings there and has always stood for power and respect. The hibiscus flower can also be found on the national coat of arms of Malaysia.
Another meaning, however, is that of beauty. In Victorian Europe, the hibiscus was a "delicate beauty". In Borneo, brides are adorned with hibiscus flowers in their hair at weddings.

Flowers and their meanings: gardenia

The gardenia symbolizes purity and goodness due to its white flowers and delicate appearance. The gardenia also stands for attraction. The reason for this is perhaps their bewitching scent.

Flowers and their meanings: Zamioculcas

The Zamioculcas has not been around for that long in our houses. A fixed meaning has not yet established itself for the houseplant. Since it is almost indestructible, terms such as strength, stamina and resilience are often associated with it.

Flowers and their meanings: fern

The fern has always been considered a mysterious plant. One reason for this is that for a long time it was not possible to explain how the fern reproduces. Propagation by spores had not yet been discovered at that time. For a long time, people assumed that ferns would bloom in just one night of the year and lose a golden seed in the process. This seed should even be able to make you invisible. In addition, fern should protect against the evil eye and was even used in love potions. In addition, the mystical plant was considered the gateway to the world of the elves.

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Flowers and their meanings: cacti

Anyone who used to give away a cactus has made a fool of himself. Cacti were considered symbols of stubbornness and selfishness. Today, however, they are often given away because they are almost indestructible.

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