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Game recipes17 May 2015 - 18: 13: 10AdminWith this pheasant with ginger you bring variety to the table. The secret of the great recipe lies in the ingredients.

Ingredients for 4 servings

60G Melt butter
1Bch Creme fraiche Cheese
1Pc Pheasant, ready to cook
2cm Ginger, peeled
1Pc Carrots
0.25l red wine
1prize salt and pepper
4Pc Slices of bacon
4Pc Juniper berries
1Pc Onions
Ingredients for the sauce
1prize Chili pepper
1Tbsp honey
2cm Ginger, grated
0.5l red wine


105 min. Total time
40 min preparation time
65 min. Cooking time


  1. Sprinkle the piece of meat well with salt and pepper. Melt the butter and brush it over thoroughly. Place on your back in a roasting pan and cover the top of the breast with the bacon slices.
  2. Add the diced onion, carrot and pieces of ginger as well as the juniper berries with 1 cup of water to the meat.
  3. Fry for 45 minutes at 220 ° C and baste the frying fat every 10-15 minutes. Then turn the oven to 180 ° C and remove the bacon slices.
  4. Pour the red wine over it and brush the meat with the creme fraiche and let it roast for a further 20 minutes at 180 ° C and, if necessary, baste the cooking fat again. Then let the pheasant stand in the warm oven.
  5. Chop the vegetables (diced onions, carrots and pieces of ginger as well as the juniper berries, which are now nice and soft) with the hand blender and pour the sauce on until it is smooth. Possibly a shot of red wine with it. Bring everything to the boil again, add the honey and a small piece of ginger and a pinch of chili. Season to taste with salt and pepper and possibly thicken a little.

Pheasant with ginger recipe

Pheasant with ginger recipes you will love. Choose from hundreds of pheasant with ginger recipes that are quick and easy to prepare.

Pheasant with ginger

With this pheasant with ginger you bring variety to the table. The secret of the great recipe lies in the ingredients.

Pheasant ginger recipes

1 beautiful pheasant ginger recipes on - Europe's largest cooking community.

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Home »Result full text search. Everywhere · Magazine · Recipes · Recipe collections · Forums · Groups · Users. Finding Pheasant Ginger. 3 hits. Magazine.

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Nov. 30, 2014 Ginger-Pheasant 1 pheasant, 50 g bacon, 40 g butter, 2 carrots, 2 juniper berries, 1 large onion, red wine, 1/8 l sour cream, ginger, corn.

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Photographer: © StockFood / Lehmann, Herbert. Image size: 5167px x 3438px. Print size: approx. 43.75 x 29.11 cm at 300 dpi suitable for formats up to DIN A3. Right.

Pheasant with ginger recipes

Recipes for pheasant with ginger. At you can find 9 recipes for pheasant with ginger as well as thousands of similar recipes.

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8 Well, there are people for whom a pheasant tastes too much of game, and for them peel the ginger, grate it finely and add it to the syrup.

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Nov 12, 2004 Not everyone likes ginger. . . one loves him or doesn't like him at all. The pheasant belongs to the genus of the partridge and has the Latin name.


Knead the butter with 1/4 teaspoon salt, a little pepper, the spices and ginger. 3. Cut the pheasant open along the spine with kitchen scissors, both of them.

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Feb. 18, 2012 Recipe: Spice the bird internally and externally a.

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Pheasant with wild ginger and hot & sour sauce. Ingredients for 4 people 1 pheasant 600 g from local hunt, ready to roast, cleaned, cut into 8 pieces.

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Feather clip natural white ginger pheasant rooster hair jewelry long hair hair clip in feathers Bohemian hippie fashion silver chain, four hundred.

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Steamed Pheasant by buggi-52 from category Pheasant. Now add onions and parsnips, peppercorns, a few slices of ginger, cloves, tarragon, shallot ,.

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Deer, pheasant, partridge, brown hare and rabbit, on the other hand, included pears, honey, ginger, nuts, orange peel, raisins and lemon peel.

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Roast Pheasant is a recipe with fresh ingredients from the Pheasant category. Peel the remaining shallot and the ginger and cut into fine cubes.

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11. Nov. 2012 Already true: The pheasant is only real wild fowl in see recipe overnight in yoghurt and ginger, whereby the.

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Citron Confit Lemon-Ginger-Paste Made from venison, wild boar, hare and pork as well as a small amount of pheasant and olives.

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Dec. 23, 2008 Order 1 pheasant from a trusted poultry dealer 3 onions, red because 1 Santa's thumbs large piece of ginger garlic

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Spring rolls with ginger tomato sauce garnished with various fresh salads. Fr.12.50. Larger portion. Fri. 6 p.m. Real. Sausage salad.

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Cortis Kitchen Note Pheasant - The »Other Chicken

11. Nov. 2012 Already true: The pheasant is only real wild fowl in Fresh ginger the size of a golf ball, peeled and grated 4 large ones.

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Medieval cooking with minced meat: Meatballs with ginger - source? Other poultry: Roast pheasant [from a trained Phaßhun] - around 1375 ,.

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Nov. 30, 2012 Add ginger, halved clove of garlic and saffron to the brew, a few minutes of legs and carcasses of the pheasants. Butter flakes, cold. Butter.

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Pheasant pie with pink pepper berries at DELINERO only 3.99 € ❯❯ Huge selection of international duck pie with porcini mushrooms and ginger.

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Pheasant in cream sauce; Pheasant with green apples; Add fresh pheasant breasts in black pepper from the mill, Armagnac and ginger. 3 minutes.

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American lotus root and bean oil and ginger and salt. becomes. Roast Reeves Pheasant to Reeves Pheasant Burger by hamburger machine.



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