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April 21, 2008

Well, here we go. The “official” first beer review here on TheBrewClub.com!

It is worth mentioning that I am not a huge fan of Lager style beers. From time-to-time, I will enjoy one, but the style is simply not my favorite. That being said, I'll do my best to give LandShark warehouse a fair shake!

Let me start with the packaging - I really like the way this beer looked - golden yellow - in a perfectly clear bottle. Looks like it would be “light” and “refreshing”, and I do like the Florida kind of “feel” the labeling has with the shark fins and all. You could almost imagine yourself hanging out on a beach or something enjoying one of these LandShark beers.

So far so good, except I could not help but think of a Corona beer in its overall look. Clear bottle, the bottle shape, the color of the beer. Maybe its just me, but it seems a little too similar in that regard. Whatever.

I opened my Landshark sample and it was rather uneventful with a little “pppppt” sound and that was that. I don’t have the best nose in the world for picking up scent, but to me, the LandShark smelled like any typical lager. Nothing special - no offense to the “typical lager” crowd!

The Landshark poured nicely - no fuss, and it created a light-yellow foamy head, not big at all as might be expected from this kind of beer. It wasn't overly bubbly or fizzy - rather serious as compared to its fun label!

I tried it, and as I mentioned before, this is not my favorite type of beer to drink. I had a few sips, dwelled a little on the first taste impressions, and then finished the rest of the glass while my burgers were cooking on the grill.

The LandShark beer tasted to me, like a bud. It had a little sting to it, but not a burning sensation or anything unpleasant. It went down smoothly, but overall it wasn't overly satisfying or interesting to me. I felt like I've had it before - even though I had not.

Landshark Lager is not something I would probably purchase again, not that there was anything particularly bad about it, it just didn’t seem to be anything special. "Typical" might be the best way to describe it, but sometimes that’s all you need!


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