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Motorservice successfully takes action against counterfeiters

As early as 2014, at the leading trade fair Automechanika, product managers from Motorservice discovered a fake coolant pump CWA 200 from Pierburg on the booth of a Chinese supplier. Motorservice issued a product warning, Pierburg filed a lawsuit and won at first distance. "Since then, going through the stands of competitors has been an integral part of my market observation," explains Oliver Hurtz, Lead Product Manager Mechantronics at Motorservice. From 11.-15. September 2018, Hurtz was again at the Automechanika, and again he struck gold: This time he discovered two forgeries of the CWA 200. Again, Motorservice initiated legal action. The pumps had to be removed from both stands the following day and Motorservice was awarded damages. Both companies were legally prohibited from selling the coolant pump.

Dangers of inferior counterfeits
The CWA 200 coolant pump is successfully offered by Motorservice on the independent aftermarket. It offers needs-based cooling and has run-on properties to keep the motor cool even after it has been switched off. After the fake was discovered in 2014, Motorservice and Pierburg asked for the Chinese pump to be sent and received a sample including a test report and technical drawing. On the test bench, the engineers found that the electronics were defective and that the pump did not achieve the delivery volume of the Pierburg pump. Under full load, the original Pierburg pump generates a volume flow of seven cubic meters per hour. The counterfeit, on the other hand, only rolled over two cubic meters per hour - 5,000 liters less. In addition, the replica went on strike under higher loads.
“If the cooling is no longer active, it damages the engine and all components that need to be cooled, such as the crankcase, pistons, crankshaft and camshaft. In the worst case, the engine overheats, ”explains Oliver Hurtz. Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) has also been partially dispensed with. There is a risk of the pump sending out signals that interfere with other electrical circuits in the vehicle.

New packaging, higher protection against counterfeiting
In the past, the forgers also took on the packaging. So they either forged the entire box or at least imitated the label with the barcode. But Motorservice has also taken appropriate measures here: At Automechanika, the spare parts specialist presented its new packaging with the latest generation of security features on the labels - the tesa PrioSpot developed by tesa scribos. This counterfeit protection label contains various overt and covert security features. Some can be seen with the naked eye, others only through aids such as magnifying glasses or special reading devices. Thanks to patented technology, up to seven different verification levels of the labels can be marked at the same time - this gives each product a unique identity. In addition, the 2D matrix code on the label is replaced by a QR code. This enables a quick authenticity check of the product: Simply scan the QR code with your smartphone, seconds later a green light lights up on the display for an original product or a red light for a counterfeit.

About Motorservice
The Motorservice Group is the sales organization for Rheinmetall Automotive's global aftermarket activities. It is a leading supplier of engine components for the aftermarket with the brands Kolbenschmidt, Pierburg, BF - Original and TRW Engine Components. A wide and deep range enables customers to purchase engine parts from a single source. As a problem solver for trade and workshops, Motorservice also offers a comprehensive service package and the technical competence as a subsidiary of a technology company.