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Table - mph in km / h

Miles per hour (mph)Kilometers per hour (km / h)
1 mph1.61 km / h
30 mph48.27 km / h
50 mph80.45 km / h
100 mph160.90 km / h
120 mph193.08 km / h

Table - km / h in mph

Kilometers per hour (km / h)Miles per hour (mph)
1 km / h0.62 mph
50 km / h31.05 mph
80 km / h49.68 mph
100 km / h62.10 mph
130 km / h80.73 mph

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A mile is the equivalent of 1.61 kilometers. A Mile per hour (miles per hour) are thus 1.61 km / h. Conversely, 1 km / h is 0.62 mp / h. This unit of length or speed is mainly used in the USA. In Europe, the speed of vehicles is always given in km / h.

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