What is spice extract 160c

Flavor enhancers in spice extracts?


Is it allowed to use spice extracts with flavor enhancers or similar ingredients, although the products are advertised as being "free from flavor enhancing ingredients"? Only the spice extracts are listed in the list of ingredients (for example for sausage, meat salad). Are customers entitled to ask the butcher about the ingredients of sausage, for example?


Spice extracts allowed to no flavor enhancers contain. Spice extracts are extracts from spices that are obtained from one or more spices, for example with the help of solvents. Unlike Spice up arise No taste-enhancing glutamates in the production of spice extracts. They must not be added to them either.

If the sausage says "free of flavor-enhancing ingredients" and there are no other "suspicious" ingredients other than spice extracts, we do not believe that the advertising is objectionable.

At the meat counter, you are entitled to find out about certain additives - for example, the note “with flavor enhancer” is mandatory if glutamate or other flavor enhancers have been used. If a product contains allergens that are subject to labeling, the customer must also be informed. However, information about all ingredients is not legally required. The staff does not have to give you any information about flavor-enhancing yeast extract or seasoning.

At some retailers, however, you get a folder for inspection on a voluntary basis, which lists all ingredients of the products.