What is picture programming

Repel magical attacks

If you are attacked by magic or witchcraft or bad thoughts or negative energies, you basically have two different reaction options to choose from: One group of methods (A) is to protect yourself against it, i.e. to provide energetic protection in one way or another erect and maybe even counterattack. The other option (B) is to use and transform the incoming energy, i.e. to transform it and use it for one's own purposes. After all, every incoming energy is initially an energy that can also be used for its own purposes. In the following, both reaction types will be examined in more detail.

A) protect yourself

This way of responding to magical attacks is common. You set up an energetic protective wall or circle of protection through which the magic is to be held or reflected back. There are innumerable books about it and many different ways of protecting it. I would like to outline a few easy-to-use protection techniques here.

The protection circle

This is perhaps the simplest form of protection, but it is still very effective, or perhaps because of its simplicity. You draw a circle of light around yourself in your thoughts or in real life, with the set intention that everything negative should stay outside. A magic witch's circle also consists of this basic shape.

The protective egg

To do this, we introduce ourselves in an egg of protective light. So we visualize a kind of light-protective egg aura around us, through which only positive and good can penetrate. Since we simultaneously charge our aura with light through visualization, this method also has a healing effect on our being.

Build protective barriers

Here we visualize insurmountable walls or barriers between us and the attacker or his energies or influence. There are no limits to us. We can use whatever materials we want in our mental imaginations. From bulletproof glass to thick stone or flame walls, everything is possible. We can also build smart walls that adapt, deform, or change to the attack.

Protection symbols

Again, there are a variety of methods. Protection symbols can also be used in conjunction with any of the above methods. Protection symbols are often worn as amulets. Often, protection symbols are also associated with protection beings.

Protective Entities

From power animals, elemental forces to the very highest archangels, beings are invoked and worshiped for protection and assistance. We then visualize that these help and protect us.


The use of mirrors is already heading in the direction of counterattack.
By installing invisible mirrors, on the one hand the attacking energy should be reflected back onto the attacker. Second, it is achieved that the attacker no longer sees the attacked person because the mirror gives him back his own image.
This use of mirrors as a magical defense against magic is so effective because it uses the law of nature, which says that everything you send out comes back to you and through the mirror method the attacker gets his energy back very quickly. There is, for example, a case where the attacked person reacted with chakra mirroring to a damage ritual performed by a group. One of the attackers suffered a motorcycle accident just a few days later, in which his leg had to be amputated forever. As you can see from this example, such protection methods are really extremely effective. Everything you send out comes back at some point and you even do something good for the attacker, because it is the best way for him to learn and find out what he sent out.
Incidentally, the chakra mirroring works in such a way that you imagine a small round mirror in front of each chakra, which should immediately reflect incoming negative energies. Only positive good energies should come through this mirror. (Before one imagines the mirror in front of the respective chakra with one's own mental powers, one should of course cleanse the respective chakra with light.)


In many cases, cutting is also useful. In doing so, all energy connections to the attacker are severed. (more about cutting here)

B) transform the incoming energy

To transform means to change something and bring it into a different form. So we simply give the incoming energy a slightly different programming, so that it suddenly serves our goals and interests, according to the motto: If life is enough for you, make a lemonade out of it. (Which then even has a healing effect on us due to the natural vitamin C it contains.)

So we shape the programming in it into images that appeal to us. The goal is then that when the negative image programming of the magical attack hits us, this hostile image should automatically transform itself into a positive image or target given by us. For example, if someone attacks us with red angry energies, we imagine that these energies burn in us or our aura and warm us or provide us with active life energy that we use for our activities. In this case we practically use the anger energy as an activity impulse for our own actions. This is a natural principle, because if we are programmed for success, then we use everything we encounter for our goals anyway. (This is one of several self-made millionaire success principles.)
Assuming the invisible attack contains a word spell or a damning sentence or something similar, we convert these words into a sentence that is good for us or perhaps even into a good affirmation. So that every time these negative magic words hit our energy field or being they automatically turn into the good words or phrases that we intended. So every negative word spell helps to strengthen our good programming.
For this approach, however, we need the inner willingness to look closely at what is actually negative. This is more difficult than simply setting up protection, as described under A. This approach is more demanding and therefore less common.
We should also refrain from thoughts of revenge, in general from any kind of negative thoughts about the attacker or the magical attack. Such thoughts would hinder the transformation of the incoming energies for one's own purposes. We have to stay with ourselves, so to speak. Our energetic program reads: "Whatever energies hit or in my aura are transformed into valuable light for the best of all." This in the awareness that everyone is a part of you, that is, a part of that illusory world that you have created yourself. There is no need to be angry or angry with the magical attacker because you caused his actions and you will take advantage of what happens.
Even if the benefit is only to know what you have caused, it is a great benefit, because now you can find out and change your own causative actions. So you get back the power over your life through the attack, if you recognize how you caused the attack, because you can then change or dissolve your own causative actions. Everything that happens outside is the mirror of your inner being. And to recognize this inner being means to recognize yourself, the creator god that you are yourself.

The image that can be used for this method is an all-pervading divine light aura layer, which immediately envelops, envelops and cared for all hostile or foreign energies with this highest divine light, so to speak crushed with love, until the hostile energy surrenders and turns into a loving one Becomes part of your being. You or your aura shines more than before because your amount of light has increased. So your light potential has increased and this is already your benefit. Similar to how influenza viruses penetrate the body, they are lovingly enveloped by the immune cells, in exactly the same way we envelop everything that comes to us through the magical attack with our love, until this power of love has transformed the attacking into pure love light through its transformative power. We thereby create so-called transformation whirlpools.

Important here: We stay with us. We do not send light and love to the attacker, but we only send light and love into that which concerns us. So where we are affected, mainly our aura and body layers. (When these parts of us are filled with light and love, they automatically radiate it beyond us. While, on the other hand, when we send light and love directly to someone else, then we ourselves remain in the lightless and loveless, and draw because of it of course continue to look at the dark.)

Another way of using such magical attacks is to look where in / on the body the attack is taking place. Because these are always places where you have a weakness in your system. So you can tell from the physical symptoms, from the body language reaction of your body, that there is a weakness and then find the cause of this weakness and resolve it. These physical symptoms are to be interpreted as messages in the same way as normal symptoms of illness. In this way, too, you use the attacking energy for your purposes to make yourself stronger, healer and healthier.

So with all methods of group B we act like in Asian martial arts, where you use the attacker's energy for yourself and turn it into something good. In some cases, a true master can even manage to convert the attacking energy into money - isn't that awesome?

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1. Ursula wrote on March 21, 2012:

We stay with us. We do not send light and love to the attacker, but we only send light and love into that which concerns us. So where we are affected, mainly our aura and body layers.


2. Antje wrote on 3/25/2012:

The article is very good. I'm at 2 right now.
I am trying to transform the energies
and to use for me.
And I agree with Ursula: stay with yourself,
even if it is sometimes difficult :-)

3. uhuu wrote on September 16, 2015:

Hello and thanks for the tips. But one important question. I keep feeling unpleasant stitches in my body, i.e. attacks. What can I do to make them disappear? I know who is behind it.
I thank you.light and loveexxx

4. Andreas wrote on September 17th, 2015:

Hello, yes - when you have found out about the possibilities, you have to decide what you want to do and then go through with it.


5. Mhorgaine wrote on October 4th, 2015:

Hello, who can help me. My mother tries to take my child away from me completely real but also through black magic attacks. How can I protect my child from her. Unfortunately, I can't break the contact in real life because she has fought the contact in court. The court was of the opinion that contact with the grandma is important, no matter what she did to the child. I would be very grateful for any advice.

6. Andreas wrote on October 6th, 2015:

yes - you too have to decide first whether you are going to use method group A or B.
B would mean that you accept what you get (the grandma's offer) and use it for your own purposes (e.g. the time when the grandma takes care of the child is used for your own purposes), etc.

Although your primary problem doesn't seem to have anything to do with the child at first. The real cause of your problem seems to be that your relationship with your mother has not yet been resolved. So when you use magic to protect your child from grandma, that sounds a lot like botch, because that seems to miss the actual topic.

lg from Andreas

7. Susanne wrote on 8/24/2016:

So if you are attacked with (e.g.) fire, could you make water out of it? So with the power to change incoming energy?

8. Andreas wrote on 8/24/2016:

Yes, if you are attacked with a fiery energy (e.g. often angry energies), then you can use it to warm up watery energies in you and enjoy the warmth or you can direct the fire energy somewhere where you can need it. (But then you have to be a bit advanced and stand above the point so that you don't get angry yourself ..)

However, in such a case I would rather "extinguish" the attacking energy directly with water energy, so that there is rest, because that is easier. (So, for example, just visualize that a lot of water falls on the fiery energy that you perceive or on the person.)

lg from Andreas

9. Michaela wrote on April 11, 2018:

Or you send the negative energies into the universe to God.

"You curse, return to the place of origin with the same wording and dissolve in light and love .... All negative energy back into the universe back to divine justice"

10. Celeana wrote on December 27, 2018:

I feel like all of these things weaken me right now, is there anything I can do about it? Thanks for the tips;) xoxo

11. Andreas wrote on December 28, 2018:

Hello, just find out the cause (so why is that right now), and when you know the cause, change it.

12. Clare wrote on February 22nd, 2019:

Magic only works in absolute crisis situations. This has nothing to do with "no longer in the mood ...". The energy expenditure is enormous, but when it comes to existence, forces become active that allow us to use these protective magic very easily. A colleague is keen on my post and attacks me all the time. I already had a short-term psychosis and am constantly fighting against these attacks. The mirror trick helped me today, and the idea that I have to stay with myself again and again. My self must not escape, otherwise I am nothing anymore I am now increasingly using the mirror method in the hope that I will survive well for a limited period of time.

13. The way wrote on May 7th, 2019:

Attack is defense. Take away any joy from the other person, color it gray. The environment freezes and becomes slow, so you protect yourself and what is dear to you.

14. Just love wrote on May 26th, 2019:

Attack is the best defense, that's right. But in my opinion you should first turn the negative energy into positive and only then send it back. Send love back so that the attacker forgets his anger, envy or whatever tricks into wanting to harm you and leaves you in peace. It's like putting out a fire with water!

15. Andreas wrote on May 27, 2019:

yes, what you mean I will describe in more detail here.

A colleague is keen on my job and is constantly attacking me.

From the moment an energy arrives at you, you decide for yourself what happens to this energy, you have full control over this energy, so to speak. That is, once you are aware of it, you can use this energy for whatever you want.

For example, you could decide to control this energy in such a way that it heaves you into an even better position.

16. Sebastian wrote on December 21, 2019:

Hello everyone, Hello Andreas,

I suffer a lot from black magic attacks. who can help
eliminate this. I've tried a lot.

Best wishes

17. Andreas wrote on December 21, 2019:

Hello Sebastian,
If you've tried so much, just go backwards!
that means you first look how you caused the black magic attacks - and then you go back and undo your own causes that you had set.

Just as you entered a room through a door, you can also leave it again through this door.
You can leave every game that you have joined and that you have agreed to. So find out how you consented to these attacks and stop them. In doing so, you also have to consider the level of active actions: through which manipulations did you cause them?

lg from Andreas

18. Manu wrote on 12/22/2019:

Hello Andreas, a few years ago I had a regression and the lady said I was cursed in this life with an illness that bothered me very much (because of the illness I also had the regression done). She said I used black magic to my advantage in a previous life. Can such a thing really be? And if so, how do I get out of there?

19. Andreas wrote on 12/22/2019:

Hello Manu,
Of course you have to look at what is still working from previous lives, so see why you did that back then, what there is still to be dissolved or to be forgiven etc. and but the most important thing about an illness is of course to understand and accept the message of the illness with it it can become superfluous.Because every illness definitely has a message for the here and now.

lg from Andreas

20. 2828 wrote on January 19th, 2020:

* hello have been attacked for 6 years, with one other person at the same time. If I divert it, separate it or transform it it works, but comes back. The attacks are always at night, very rarely during the day. The times are always the same. always at 00h, 03h, 5h (summer and winter time is observed) and mostly on weekends or and full moon. The attacks manifest themselves as headaches on the crown and brow chakra. The pain is sharp, like a stream. If I seal my entrances, they're gone. But then come back with the next attack. It's kind of like a computer program - always the same and always the same programs - always the same garbage. The funny thing is that such things happen at the same time with a very close person. In the beginning we both had like energy stolen - I don't have that anymore, but the other person still has. Think it is due to the different development of the own energy. Somehow it comes down to destruction - burnout. e.g. you clean up and shortly afterwards it looks all over again, as soon as you have money it is gone, vacation is never an option. It's like something's trying to break us. Kind regards*

21. 2828 wrote on January 19th, 2020:

* ps: I dissolved everything from old stories, and in general I can dissolve everything. It's just like a program - you dissolve everything and then Saturday 00:00 POPP attack *

22. Andreas wrote on January 19th, 2020:

have you ever tried to take a closer look with a constellation to see whether something is revealed? (You could just start such a constellation so that a proxy is set up for you and one for what attacks you)

How is your relationship with your father

lg from Andreas

23. 2828 wrote on January 22nd, 2020:

Hello Andreas, thank you for your quick answer.

The lineup is a good idea. Can you do something like that? I can channel, but it's kind of complicated at that point.

I no longer have close contact with my father. It is only greeted for Christmas and birthday. When I went to visit him once, I had really bad attacks, when I told him about it, he freaked out and said I belong in the slap. Then I cleared my room with him.

It could also come from my ex and my mother. They had contact with my ex against my wishes and when I broke off contact, attacks were gone.

However, a lot is falsified, so that I am confused who it is and always who else is / cannot find out who it is. There is something commissioned for everyone.

24. 2828 wrote on January 22nd, 2020:

It was also funny that we could always commute, when I told my mother about it, we (the closest person, who is also being attacked) both commuted wrong. That means if you want to show "yes" comes "no" - then you have to dissolve the curse, then with "yes" comes "yes" again but only for a few seconds ... then the wrong way round

25. Andreas wrote on January 22nd, 2020:

What is such a magical attack when you reduce it to its essence?
It is an attempt to determine others, to influence others.
If you want to stop it, then look where you are trying to determine others:
Mother ... had contact with my ex against my wishes
That would be a manipulative thought of yours, for example.

We always meet people we already know from previous lives - and that is precisely why these friends themselves are often connected with each other from previous lives. For example, what if your mother was even with your ex in a previous life - and imagine what that energetically triggers huge wave movements when you impose a ban on contact, which she may on the conscious level for your sake even wanted to do, but what kind of turmoil of wave eddies is this going to strike in unconscious levels?

That is why you should never manipulate others in such a way that you want to control their contacts. From a spiritual divine point of view, these are primitive children's games and of course there are parts in you that want to punish yourself for it. and such a share was mirrored to you by your father when he wanted to send you to a prison (= insane asylum). Even if he didn't mean it seriously, this is only about the message he gave you.
So that you can get into your strength, ask yourself no more questions who is attacking you on the outside, but which male part of you is attacking you / your actions?

And of course, stop such "influencing others" where you find it.

lg from Andreas

26. 2828 wrote on January 23rd, 2020:

Hi Andreas.

The problem was different. I was with my ex and then broke up because he lied to me for 4 years. That's when I got to know my current husband and moved away. Since we broke up with my ex, my husband and I have been attacked magically. As I said, like electricity in your head, mostly on weekends, always the same time with summer / winter time changeover. I always saw my ex during the attacks and didn't understand why he was connected because I separated everything. My husband and I were attacked for a year. At some point my magic skills got stronger and I felt that the connection from my ex was coming from my mom. When I asked her about it, she ticked off. She wanted me to do partner regression with my ex and admitted that she was in contact with him and he even visited her. That is true with this old spiritual connection. However, she wanted to force my ex on me even though I wanted to marry my husband (we were already engaged and she knew that too). I then gave them the choice, either my ex or me, because through them I had connections to my ex that were extremely harmful to us. I still see my ex in my dreams to this day as he tries to be with me by force, which speaks for me for bond / love manipulation, at the same time my husband and I noticed massive separation spells such as distorting the other's face or sex curses, etc.
When I was still with my ex, an ex of his called him in the middle of the night that she had dreamed of him and that it was nice to hear his voice, although it hated him profoundly and also left him because of his lies Has. Which also suggests that it is magically in the game.

My mother decided against me and for my ex. So I broke off contact. Married my husband without her. When the contact was gone, the attacks were much weaker to gone.

But since it is my mother, I sent her a heart chain for her birthday and the contact was there again and so were the attacks.

Despite everything, I am not 100% sure if it comes from there, or if it is just set as a misleading, because a lot of others also have these attacks like me and since I also have other people in my head from whom negative energies come. If I divert it or dissolve it, it will come back at the next time. e.g. 00h attack - dissolve, 3h next attack.

It doesn't come from myself as these attacks are constant and my husband and I have at the same time and we have tried all techniques to get rid of them. From ignoring the attacks for months, over dissolving with light over defense magic, over redirecting, over forgiveness rituals, sending love, connecting with source and animating the computer with a love soul etc. but the attacks are like a computer program, always the same program, always constant, always the same time - they are only once stronger once weaker, otherwise the same.

27. 2828 wrote on January 23rd, 2020:

In general, I don't manipulate at all. Apart from my husband, I have hardly any contact with people, and if only because I have to (e.g. work).

I have about. 5-7 friends I talk to - sometimes with one more, with one less. They are all either highly sensitive or highly gifted. That's why these 3D problems don't exist there either.

I also didn't manipulate my mother, but decided for myself that I don't want contact under these circumstances. It is my business who I marry and not theirs. She can be with my ex with pleasure / marry him, only I have no desire for this marriage and certainly not for these poop connections.

28. Andreas wrote on January 23rd, 2020:

However, she wanted to force my ex on me ..
yes, that is exactly the pattern that this is about. Wanting to force something on someone (and when choosing a partner it is of course particularly tough !!).
You can only get out of this by completely erasing this pattern from your own life! this is the only way to get out of the resonance.
So look exactly where you are trying to manipulate others yourself. (Even if, without saying it, one expects the other person to take your side and condemn someone else, that is already such a manipulative inner attitude!)
This is a pattern that is not only in you, it is in your family system, yes, even from the religious area, look for example at the Christian churches, even there, at least in the past, it was common practice for them to make decisions about connections.
This is not a small pattern, and it no longer fits in today, so you have to break away from it.

This is where the falsified pendulum results come from, because the people on the outside are not the direct cause, they are only what is reflected, the cause of the resonance are parts of you that attract that. If you oscillate your parts right inside you, there is less room for adulteration.

So look exactly where you are trying to manipulate others yourself.
And if that is not enough for it to stop, then look what you have caused in previous lives and resolve it.

lg from Andreas

29. Andreas wrote on January 23rd, 2020:

ps, one more thing:
You did a cutting or something like that from the ex, but if something like that doesn't work permanently (in that case because of the mother), then the reason is usually that the own soul is not yet satisfied because there is still another topic that it had resolved to resolve in this life with the ex. That is why you can also see what topic this could be and work on this topic so that your soul can agree to this total separation as you want it.

lg from Andreas

30. 2828 wrote on January 25th, 2020:

Hi Andreas

I don't know where I manipulate someone, because I let everyone live as they want. Unless someone comes to me and asks for help / advice. But that's my opinion and either the other accepts it or he doesn't. It's not my problem, it's his business. However, if someone harms me with something I go. The same applies to my own mother / father. I just left. Sometimes I add my mustard to why I'm leaving, sometimes I'm just gone.

As already mentioned, I don't have any voluntary contacts in 3D. All contacts that you get more or less complained about, such as in work. It's very rare that I go into resonance with 3D. And everything is very superficial there - just 3D. Already in love and honestly but simply 3D. People basically only see a part of me.

People in other dimensions above 3D do not have these strange character traits and so do not harm me. If then only through their crap connections to 3D but these I can simply separate from myself and be good.

Yes, I basically part with everything that harms me and often even everything.

This one strange connection, however, constantly docks again. These times are like a burr and weird (00:00 sharp, 3:00 sharp ... 5:00 sharp) and even so repeating the content always the same - always the same curses - somehow too constant for a person - more like a computer

If it is actually my ex, then he has to work with automatisms. Retrieve and send the same package over and over again. Like sigyls e.g.

How do I get rid of him? He didn't accept the separation at the time either. He didn't understand that I was going. I'm sorry for him, but if I don't want to be with him, that's the way it is. He had enough chances. Sad as it is.

31. 2828 wrote on January 25th, 2020:

So I mean, what do I have to do for a total separation to take place? Should I go into his dream as he does and ask him what he wants?

32. 2828 wrote on January 25th, 2020:

And no, if my mother writes with my ex, I cannot tolerate that in my life, because I have such a strong headache during the attacks that I can do nothing more than dissolve, redirect or sleep. Apart from all the curses and negative energies that tumble through and shift our lives.

And I don't see that I suffer just because she makes poop connections. Then it is clear that I have to protect myself and thus also part with her.

Of course, somehow you expect your mother to avoid doing such harm to her child.

I don't forbid her, however. I am then just gone to protect myself.

PS: I broke off contact with her a few days ago because I asked her about poop connections that came through her and she freaked out and now she no longer writes. And neither do I anymore. Attacks are gone so far after cutting with her. Wait and see. By chance I also found old emails from her 2 weeks ago, where she said that she is in contact with my ex and she does not forbid me to contact my father. That was certainly a kind of memory from the spiritual world to call up to me what it is like, what I had long suppressed. Maybe it's really all of her.

Yes, I'll see if the attacks are gone again / are only weak there

It's also funny that then and this time the situation escalated where I sent her candid photo of myself ... at that time I always had the feeling she was sending my photos to my ex

33. Andreas wrote on January 25th, 2020:

if my mother writes with my ex, I can't have that in my life
yes - you can see that you haven't let go of him at all. There is no separation, rather the opposite, a total interlocking ..

As long as you can't quite easily see everything that is related to an ex, the breakup is not yet successfully concluded.

so that a total separation takes place? Should I go into his dream as he does and ask him what he wants?
No, go into your own shares, because YOU want peace in you, that is, in your shares!

lg from Andreas

34. 2828 wrote on January 27th, 2020:

sorry, but in my opinion, let's talk past each other.

How should you let go if your ex shows up once a month in a dream and forces you to be with you? How are you supposed to let go when you crawl around in pain on all fours once a week? How should you let go when you always feel him in the connection that docks? How are you supposed to let go when you are 90% sure that the shit is coming from him?

Do I think I haven't finished with that? I am happily married, more than 600 km away from him, I broke up with him because he lied to me 4 times every day, I just want his peace and quiet! For me this is energetic rape!

In addition, I don't even know 100% whether these energetic attacks are from him alone or from different sources or something completely different.

And I've already tried to ignore everything - it didn't work either and also sent love and healing, didn't work either. Still comes back again and again.

Anyway, I don't want to write any more here. None of this makes sense.

Still thanks for everything

35. 2828 wrote on January 27th, 2020:

ps: and there were even months when I only had other possible sources in mind, not my ex, and still I had attacks.

36. Andreas wrote on January 27th, 2020:

Hello, yes, as I said, from my point of view the superstition is that you can dissolve such magical attacks from former partners without breaking up or cutting.

lg from Andreas

37. 2828 wrote on January 29th, 2020:


what exactly is a cutting for you?
So I do it normally mentally, but cut through strong connections with a cord or and flare candle connections - I disconnect all connections to myself from a person, for example. (from about other people to me, mental, heart, spirit, soul, dream, body level, sexual connections, connection via objects / photos, magical connection, commissioned connections, etc. etc.) and this is mine Man and I did billions of times in the 6 years, even commissioned beings to separate it forever

A clairvoyant said I had a bond with him and then I thought about it and came up with the fact that we said yes, that we will not give up anymore and he always said he always stays with me, no matter what, I have that too Cut

I therefore do not know what else to separate

38. Andreas wrote on January 29th, 2020:

Hello, yes, the strength of a band depends on the intensity of the feelings (feeling = energy), that's why it's important to pay attention to the feelings and that's why everything has to be pacified and forgiven as a prerequisite before you even do a cutting - or that one any necessary forgiveness is made at the latest during the cutting of the tape. Because, as I said, the emotional ties are the strongest and they would automatically build up again, for example because of something unforgiven.

Perhaps important to understand in this context:
In this sense, pure (real) love is not a feeling because real love is no longer polar or tied to something like lower feelings.

lg from Andreas

39. 2828 wrote on January 31, 2020:

yes, see it the way you do.

Then it happens that he keeps building up a connection because he has not completed ... 😑

and now? 😭ðŸĪŠðŸĪŊ🙈

40. 2828 wrote on January 31, 2020:

But still the same times of the attacks are strange - 00h, 3h, etc.

if a person docks himself, then it would not always be at the same time

unless he always does rituals at this time

The strange thing is that winter and summer time changes - think the universe / the beings do not know that - that is clearly human

41. Sun wrote on March 10th, 2020:

Love 2828,
Could it be that you still have some item or something from your ex or your mother in your home? If so, throw that away immediately! Then the ghost should finally come to an end.

42. Derling wrote on April 1st, 2020:

Hello I would be looking for something bad home.I hope it's done. Would be haunted by rituals with my infant. Can be bad in myself See a lot of power. Honest.
Not a good time.

43. Andreas wrote on April 1st, 2020:

Hello, yes, to rest in your own center, that is important, so you can now practice this under difficult conditions.
lg from Andreas

44. protection wrote on May 14, 2020:

Can you build a protective shield etc against jealous old women etc who cause massive disturbance and unrest in a RELATIONSHIP and rumterrorisierne about DESTRUCTION ???

45. Andreas wrote on May 15th, 2020:

yes, of course you can.
But you can also see why you put it on and then resolve the issue once and for all.

lg from Andreas

Before commenting, please check whether your question has already been answered in another comment - thank you very much.

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