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With us you will find everything to do with your koi, pond construction, koi food and pond care. Do you have any questions about the passionate hobby of the Japanese Koi? We are always happy to answer any questions you may have. We will be happy to check your pond system, your water values ​​and the health of your Koi after consultation with you. We look forward to visiting us in Unteriberg! Your Volker Grossmann ...

NEW - here is a small selection of the new Koi imports for 2021

The koi have all arrived safely at the "Koizentrale" in Unteriberg!

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We have been wholesaling for Takazumi in Switzerland since 2017. The Takazumi Koi food consists of:

  • Takazumi Gold Plus - The balanced pot lining for brilliant color development
  • Takazumi High Growth - The concentrated feed for optimal and rapid growth
  • Takazumi Vital - The health food for a good immune system and a quick recovery
  • Takazumi Junior Premium - The basic food for small koi for a long and healthy koi life
  • Takazumi Easy - The food for less active Koi; also perfect as winter food
  • Takazumi sturgeon - The professional sturgeon food for a life like a koi
  • Takazumi Yugen - Is a bacterial immune booster that has an unbelievably positive effect on the Koi's immune system
In order to adequately supply your fish even in cold water, we offer you Takazumi Kien Pro and Takazumi Sakan-ni Pro at.


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