Where is Dalena Morton now

Where is now and who is later?

© Lioba Hürter

Vivid portraits?

How alive am I in the here and now, where is the now and where am I - in the moment? What does my photographic look at the individual appearances of dolls tell me about me? In reflection on the view of others, but above all of ourselves and the limitations of visual perception, photographic portraits are created whose subjects suggest their own dynamism and liveliness.

They are designed by and similar to people - some more than others. "Created" from lifeless material, the shapes of the dolls are the result of certain intentions of the fashion industry. These results are more varied than one might think at first glance. Not only do we humans want to express ourselves through our clothing: We first go in search of ourselves through our external appearance. This search is part of the living self. Transformation, (im) freedom and joie de vivre are directly - albeit subtly - connected to our appearance.

Are we not often enough puppets of the society we want to please, whose expectations shape us deeply and even shape our physical appearance? What value do we give to material things? How much is our conception of ourselves dependent on material things? And what happens when we humans become material, frozen in our own limitations? Why do we set limits to our expression and when? Isn't the liveliness of the dolls in posture, movement, communication (with the counterpart, with other dolls) and reflections often more than we experience them ourselves - with ourselves and with others? The human longing for a friendly relationship with oneself full of liveliness, in contradiction to the uniform and uniformed norms of the system in which we live, is the basis of the existence of fashion. In it, danger and luxury are close together: the risk of judging people based on their visual appearance, making decisions based solely on material things and the luxury of the liberating opportunity to reinvent yourself again and again.

Lioba Hürter

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