How to Fix Chaise Longue Covers

How to fix a torn seam

Start inserting the needle where the suture is still closed, about half an inch from where the suture opened. Start sewing a straight stitch above the remaining seam. Start sewing in the direction of the open seam.

Sew a few stitches down diagonally so that you work to just below the original seam stitch. When you get to the open part of the seam, place both sides of the seam together and sew in a straight line just below the old seam holes.

It can be helpful to use straight pins to hold the open seam together while you sew. If pens make you nervous, folding tape over the top of the seam can replace duct tape.

Sew under the holes in the old thread to make sure those holes are not visible when you wear the garment. These holes should be part of the seam, not the visible part of your garment. Continue sewing in small stitches to the other side of the open seam, using the old holes as a guide for a straight line.

Now let's finish sewing.